Happy Valentines Day! Let’s Talk About Our Favourite Videogame Couples

It’s Valentines day, and what better way to start the day than to go through some of our favourite video game couples.

WARNING: This list contains some minor spoilers for their respective games, proceed at your own discretion

Here are my top 3 picks!

3) Cloud and Aerith


As soon as these two meet, there is a clear spark here. Aerith’s is a striking contrast to Cloud’s debbie downer attitude, and although he’s not receptive at first, she slowly grows not only on him, but you as the player. There are moments later on where Cloud shows his slightly more vulnerable side, and at that point you are just begging these two will, for lack of better terms, hook up! Sadly, she is taken away from us at the hands of Sephiroth and we’ll never know what might have been.

2) Shulk and Fiora


The bond these two share is close, and it is clear the two have known each other for a long long time and the game does well to not go into detail. Although these two aren’t technically an item, it’s obvious there is potential between the two. Through the brief cutscenes early in game, it is clear they both care for each other dearly. The relationship is only strengthened, when Fiora is lost at the hand of the Mechon. Not only is Shulk shattered by this, but as the player we feel the heavy loss to, and our only goal at this point is revenge.

1) Geralt and Triss


This is one video game relationship that has me torn, and I’ll explain. I was first introduced to the two in Witcher 2, and although I accepted and promoted their relationship, Witcher 3 helps add fuel to this already strong flame. As the Witcher 3 plays out, it is clear at some point that Geralt will need to choose between Yennefer and Triss. For me, I feel Geralt deserves Triss the most. She is not only a long time friend of Geralt’s and shares a passionate history with him, but she goes to greater lengths than anyone I’ve seen so far to help Geralt. For instance, to help Geralt find out the whereabouts and just what exactly happened to Ciri, she put her self at risk being temporarily captive by the witch hunters, and has her nails torn out. One of the most touching and agonizing interactive cut scenes I’ve ever witnessed in a game, let alone any media. Not only is Geralt clearly torn about letting this play out, but as the player it’s extremely hard to simply do nothing and let them treat Triss this way. In my opinion, truly a match made in heaven.

So, what are some of your favourite video game couples?

9 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day! Let’s Talk About Our Favourite Videogame Couples

  1. I’ve seen a few lists like this but this is the first to mention my most recent entry into my top 10 games list – Xenoblade Chronicles! I loved Shulk and Fiora, although we weren’t treated to much of their relationship since a huge chunk of the game is dedicated to finding her again. That was one of the few times I cared for a relationship within a game enough to genuinely feel like weeping when we found her.

    Of course, there’s another game that had me weeping.. and it’s #3 on your list 😥

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    1. I’m surprised there is little talk on these 2 as a couple, I was torn after that early cut scene in the battle with the Mechon 😦


      1. In defense of them being left out of lists like this, they really don’t have a whole lot of character development, just a brief history shown at the beginning hour or so of the game. That scene on the beach is about 50 hours into the main story (as I remember, at least), and you only see minor glimpses of her when she is revealed as a mechon.

        I never bothered with the “Heart to Hearts” – I wonder if they ever provided more to their backstory?

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      2. yup that’s true, for it it was her death that really did it for me. Not sure about Heart-to-hearts, I think those open up mostly end game for her, and by that time I was gearing up to finish the main game


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