Nintendo Switch to Support Tablet Mode? Could This Mean More? Probably not

Doesn’t hurt to dream sometimes, I know I’m grasping at straws, but still thought it would be cool to share my thoughts on this. With this announcement, the Switch officially supports multiple modes of gaming. We have classic console gaming and now mobile gaming strictly through handheld mode.

It would be neat if in the future there was some add-on or enhancement done to the dock that allowed wireless video streaming of some sort to emulate Wii U and 3Ds dual screen games. It probably wouldn’t be the easiest thing to achieve but at the same time not entirely impossible either.

Again it’s a very un-realistic expectation given we are talking about Nintendo here, but would it ever be sweet. What are your thoughts, could you ever see something like this happening?

One thought on “Nintendo Switch to Support Tablet Mode? Could This Mean More? Probably not

  1. I was a little surprised at this announcement, and not totally sure what to think of it. The only reason I could see you would launch a game with no ‘console’ capability is if it relied on touch controls.

    And as far as emulating the 3DS or WiiU – I think they are trying to keep the WiiU as far back in memory as possible, and keep the 3DS separate and on life-support for the foreseeable future! I couldn’t personally see them doing it, but who knows? Software emulation is very taxing on a CPU and I don’t know how well it would handle on the Switch!

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