Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s International Women’s Day, and as a radio show this morning said, I don’t know how to really celebrate it. So I thought I’d do a quick post about one of my favourite characters from my favourite video game of all time to show my appreciation.

My beloved character is none other than SAMUS ARAN!


Ever since I played Super Metroid, I fell in love with everything Metroid. Not only was the world immense at the time, it was well designed, contained some really cool art, awesome music, and some menacing and frigtening bosses. More importantly Samus Aran was and is still an all out bad ass, I mean just look at that suit! I remember seeing Samus Aran’s death animation back in the game and finding out then that she’s a woman, it blew my mind as pretty much all games I’d played up till then did not feature a lead female role, I thought this was pretty cool. Even outside of her suit, Zero Suit Samus has made a big name for herself after Metroid Zero Mission and Smash Brother’s. She’s a force to be reckoned with with or without her suit.

The ability to upgrade several components of the suit through the exploration made her even more remarkable as she became more and more powerful. Taking on the Space Pirates and even Mother Brain just showed the lengths she went to save the galaxy. Not only that, she is a caring mother figure for the baby Metroid, RIP 😦 So here’s to Samus, we salute you!

Who are some of your favourite female protagonists in video games? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

4 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day!

  1. A fine choice! I’d have to pick the same female character, as Metroid is my absolute favorite. Even happen to have my Metroid shirt on today!

    I’d give a runnerup to Princess Zelda, but specifically in Shiek form. Such a mysterious character (that I think most of us assumed was a guy). The style and mystery behind her was super cool. When she revealed she was actually Zelda in Ocarina of Time, I remember it blowing my mind as a young kid.

    More recently, I’d have to say Yuna from Final Fantasy X. She was a tough chick who was willing to sacrifice herself to give her people a few years of calm. That’s pretty badass to me.

    Also – Dixie Kong.

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