Zelda Diaries: How I Blew Myself off the Side of a Mountain and Discovered Treasure

I am blown away by how Breath of the Wild consistently seems to throw some situations at me that would otherwise frustrate me in other games I’ve played. For some reason, when I encounter such challenges in Breath of the Wild, I’m able to cope with these quite easily and move on, only to discover other treasures. Even though I am in progress to still finish this game, and eventually write a review, I do like to take the time to still talk about such situations, almost like a Breath of the Wild diary, or Link blogging in his Sheikah slate.


For those who wish to keep certain shrines and treasures a mystery, this is a warning that I will go in depth in one of the Shrine quests, so turn back should you wish to discover this yourself.

It was another rainy day in Hyrule, as Mr. Panda put it on twitter, rain is your worst enemy in this game. I wanted to make my way North to where I thought Zora’s domain is. Between me and that is a massive mountain that I needed to overcome, it looked quite daunting. My other option is to walk around, which looks like it’ll take some time. As anyone knows, with rain, it makes climbing almost impossible as surfaces are slippery when wet. The problem is rain just doesn’t seem to stop. I waited and I swear it rained for 3 days straight, if not more. It just wouldn’t come to an end. I tried everything I could to overcome this challenge even with the rain. I equipped all the climbing gear I had un-equipped anything non essential to climbing, so no weapons, bows, shields. I even removed Links pants because they don’t lend any climbing boosting stats.

Wii_U_screenshot_TV_01_C94 (19)

I made it a bit further, but I still couldn’t quite make it to the top, although I got much closer, but I quickly learned that it just wasn’t going to happen. As I start making my way along the mountain side to see if I can find another way around. I stumble onto some mineral deposits. Eager to grab some loot, I dropped a bomb and detonated it, and to my stupidity, I was too close to the blast and blew myself clean off the mountain side. I panicked and helplessly watched all that progress I made go to waste as Link quickly twirled in the air as he fell closer to the ground. I luckily launched my paraglider just in time and safely floated to the bottom. Even though I was safe now, I was really bummed out that all that progress I made climbing was thrown down the drain. I looked up at my adversary as they laughed and looked down on me at the based of the mountain.

Wii_U_screenshot_TV_01_C94 (20)

I contemplated whether I should climb back up. No I thought, it was going to take too much time, and it’s still raining! I thought maybe I could reload my save file. I’ve done this many times in other games to avoid dying or missing key story points or loot etc. But no, I said, it didn’t seem right. I then heard music, very rare in Breath of the Wild. I was naturally intrigued and turned around to find myself in a large bay full of rocks, boulders and gusts of wind.


I looked around and found a little bird friend playing his accordion. Kass was his name. I indulged in a conversation with Kass to learn of a riddle that plagues this part of the land. He sung me a song that sounded like this. This lead to a shrine quest.

“He breaks the rocks that serve to bind, Above the tempestuous bay. On wings of cloth and wood entwined, He lands on the altar to open the way.”

This lead me to one of my most beautifully simple yet enjoyable quests so far in the game, Master of the Wind.

Wii_U_screenshot_TV_01_C94 (21).jpg

I had encountered another one of these birds elsewhere in Hyrule, and was presented with a similar riddle. I didn’t have the patience for a riddle at this point, my mood was bad considering I blew myself off the side of the mountain and threw away all that progress I made climbing. But at the same time I was intrigued a little bit, because I noticed the area contained rocks and gusts of wind that seemed point to a platform.

Things started clicking into place, and I realized, something needed to get from the top of the Bay to the platform while riding the wind. Only problem… I didn’t know what flew using wings of cloth and wood. I thought hard, never seen such a creature. Thirty seconds later, I realized… I was that creature! My paraglider is made of cloth and wood! Yep… my brain was working a bit slow that day, must’ve been the bomb blast messing with my head still.

I immediately climbed to the highest point above the gusts of wind and threw myself off, I fell short, the gusts of wind didn’t carry me far enough. I looked around and noticed piles of rocks that clearly could be blown up. AHA!!! He who breaks rocks!!! It all makes perfect sense. I stumbled around, broke as many rocks as I could find, each time opening up paths for the wind to strengthen the flow leading to the platform. Once it was all done, I glided safely to the platform and unlocked a shrine. Upon entering the Shrine, claimed my newly found treasure, THE GREAT FLAMEBLADE!

Wii_U_screenshot_TV_01_C94 (17)

This was one of the coolest treasures I’ve found so far in Breath of the Wild which made this reward that much better for me. Again moments like this really make me appreciate how Breath of the Wild is designed. In times of frustration where I would normally walk away from the game for a bit to re-collect my thoughts, Breath of the Wild is able to keep me intrigued and reward me in other ways. I don’t know if this is intentional in the design if these things are so carefully placed, or if it was just dumb luck. But either way, it was very refreshing to be in this situation and still make the most out of it and walk away with a very nice reward.

My conclusion from this and the advice I would pass down to others in Breath of the Wild is simply to accept that things will just happened, they will not always be in your favour, and that you must learn to deal with the outcome no matter what. Much like my other post about weapons breaking, things just have a way of organically working out and reward the player in the end.

I’m curious to know if anyone had a similar situation or a story to tell. Has anyone been in a moment of frustration in Breath of the Wild only to persevere and have the game redeem itself? Share your thoughts in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Zelda Diaries: How I Blew Myself off the Side of a Mountain and Discovered Treasure

  1. I like your final moral lesson. It’s a great one to apply to the game, as you mentioned, but it’s also one that could (and should?) be applied to life outside the game, as well!

    Sounds like quite an adventure! haha I’m sorry you got blown off a mountain, but I’m glad it worked out in the end 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for the feedback. Yup life should be lived this way, I find everything just works out in the end, at least for me. I’m sure people don’t have much choice IRL though, you can’t really reload your save now can you?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was awesome man! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on an epic 2 minute long climb… only for it to start raining the last 10%, and smash down to the bottom.

    I had something similar happen while I was looking for a shrine that turned out to be hidden behind a waterfall. Unfortunately.. it wasn’t the ground I was hanging above, it was the water. And you know what happens when you land in the water with no stamina! I was tracking this darn thing down for like 20 minutes, hearing the BLING BLING sound on my Shrine Tracker, and noooope. Couldn’t just tread water for 2 seconds!

    Of course, just like your article states, sometimes ya gotta roll with it.

    It respawned me near some giant Hinox that, upon taking him down, I was able to start a Shrine Quest by collecting the orbs from the necklace of 2 more Hinoxes that were close-by. I swear, it’s like someone is behind the scenes working this game with controls. Constantly blown away by it!

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    1. yea falling into water with low stamina with the assumption you’ll be fine sucks, I’ve fallen for that a fews times. It’s funny when my wife watches me play I think most of the time she see’s me doing silly stuff like that


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