Announcement Of The New Nintendo 2DS XL! My Thoughts?

Hey everyone and happy Friday! Thought I’d take a break from reviews and general gaming topics and talk about news for a change. Why? Well, for me today’s announcement of the New 2DS XL was certainly unexpected. I knew Nintendo would keep supporting their 3DS console. It was evident because there are still games to come out this year for it. Also, most importantly is Nintendo themselves indicate the 3DS is not dead.

The New 2DS XL in all it’s glory, pretty sleek!



I must say, I really like to look of the New 2DS XL. It looks sleek, the colors are great, and the screens look bigger than ever. There hasn’t been any technical information released yet, so I am assuming it’s more a less the guts of the New 3DS XL in a new shell without the inclusion of the 3D function.

Looking around the internet though, fans seem quite divided on this. Some indicate this is great news to be able to get the New 2DS XL at a discounted price compared to it’s 3D counterpart. Some are confused and even mad at why Nintendo appears to be still supporting a supposedly dead console given the Switch’s goal was to consolidate the handheld and and console games. Others are mad because they feel a 2D counterpart of the New 3DS XL should have been released from the start.

My thoughts? It’s a huge surprise, and I think it’s a wise move by Nintendo to do this and keep supporting the 3DS from a business perspective. Not only because there are still games to come out, but there’s too many games in that library for them to not capitalize on. Also, without any means to play these games on any other console through virtual console or backwards compatibility. It’s a good cheaper option for fans to be able to experience these games in the future.

Definitely a deep library indeed, one that I’m still going through at this moment

It also serves as a great alternative to general fans and parents alike for a cheaper alternative to the Switch. Fans have expressed their disappointment with pricing for not only the Switch, but virtually all it’s accessories as well. Given some of the hardware problems that are coming up with the Switch, it’s a harder pill to swallow this early on for the $300 price tag. For parents, it’s a great option to. Not only is it cheaper than the Switch, but the 3DS is probably a more sturdy device and is more kid friendly. It has smaller risk of breaking through everyday use compared to something like the Switch. Not knocking the Switch, but if phones are any indication, big screen crack… and it hurts when it happens.

Nintendo, happily bringing people together since… well whenever

I don’t have anything against Nintendo choosing to make this new hardware iteration, I do have a concern about the timing of it however. As someone who is eagerly awaiting to jump onto the Switch bandwagon, and someone who already has New 3DS XL, there are a few things holding me back from getting a Switch. Sure you can’t transfer saves, sure there are no talks of Virtual Console yet, sure we have no idea how the online infrastructure will be. But there are other things like hardware problems that ARE holding me back. Nintendo has seemingly addressed the Joy Con syncing issue. However there are reports of screens showing scuffs and scratches from being placed and removed from the dock. There are also some reports going around, although they don’t seem too widespread at the moment, that the Switch is having issues warping. For someone who wants to eagerly get his hands on a Switch and have all these problems addressed, I fear Nintendo’s eggs maybe in several baskets and I’d personally prefer them to focus on the Switch and making it a 100% problem free console, which we are quite accustomed to from Nintendo. Let’s face it, I can’t think of Nintendo consoles or handhelds having any major hardware problems like the Switch is having in it’s first couple months of it’s launch. It’s very unlike Nintendo if I am to say.

Post from reddit showing the Nintendo Switch warping

For me, no matter how much great feed back I hear about the Switch, I can’t help but feel the Switch launch was very rushed. I don’t deny it is a good console. It performs it’s core function very well, and has one of the best launch titles ever conceived. However the huge lack of software features we are awaiting such as proper online and virtual console and hardware problems all point to it being a big work in progress still along with some of the questionable design choices. Seeing Nintendo throw in an announcement for yet another piece of hardware just seems like a bit of a detour on their part, whereas I see huge room for improvement in key areas of the Switch,

Check out the launch video below, despite my negative view, it’s an impressive looking piece of hardware.

What are your thoughts on this announcement? Are you looking forward to this new iteration of the 3DS handheld line? Or do you prefer that Nintendo focuses solely on the Switch. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Announcement Of The New Nintendo 2DS XL! My Thoughts?

  1. I was really excited to see this, and didn’t expect it at all. I had assumed Nintendo would release maybe a new limited edition version of the regular sized N3DS since you still can’t find them anywhere, but this is even nicer.

    I absolutely love the look of it and want one, but of course, it’s pretty and that’s why! I already have both a New 3DS and a New 3DS XL, AND a Switch. Jumping on this would just be kind of ridiculous. I’d sell either of my New 3DSs but they’ll both limited editions so that isn’t happening.

    Just a nice piece of hardware to gush at, for me!

    Side note, I saw all that warping stuff and I think it’s just the fault of the internet being the internet again. Think about it – if it happens to even a single person, and they upload it, it’ll spread like wildfire. Like Firestone tires. Or when Toyota accelerators “got stuck to the floor”. It just needs to happen once or twice out of millions, but that’s bound to happen in any production line.

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    1. yea if i didn’t have the new 3DS XL i might have gotten this. I find myself using the 3D less and less, but I don’t want to go through finding a buyer and transfer saves etc.

      Yea I agree, Internet and media to can blow things like this out of proportion. It’s still scary that something major like that did happen to someone. It’s just so unlike Nintendo.

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  2. Great post! Surprised about sums up how I feel about this. It looks really nice, but it’s not something I want at the moment. I’m satisfied with my Switch and dusty 3DS for now. 🙂

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