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Hi everyone! In the wake of finally completing my initial play through of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, who’s review you can see here, it’s been an interesting time coming out of such a big adventure and trying to find what I want to do next. Given how much I loved Breath of the Wild, it’s hard to try and pin point that next big adventure I want to take on next.

To avoid being burned out however, I feel like it’s a good time to step back and take on some smaller games for a change. Here’s a quick list of what I’ll be tackling, and hopefully get reviews out over the next month for your reading pleasure.

Xenoblade Chronicles X


Wii_U_screenshot_TV_01_C4_D (2)

Yes, I know I said to take a step back from the huge open world games, but I’m am on the final stages of this game, trying to take down the final boss. So there isn’t much left in the way of exploration, so time wise it shouldn’t be too big of investment to finally complete the games and eventually have a review out. More importantly, it’ll be a big one to knock out of the back log. So far, although the game does certain things very well, I’m finding it a disappointment. Of course I’ll go into more detail as to why in my review once it’s out.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies


This is one of the smaller titles I’m looking to knock out of my back log. It’s pretty linear, so it’s not something that should take me very long. So far, I like it. I can’t say it’s as charming as some of the earlier titles I’ve played, but I still can’t help but laugh out loud at some of the funny writing in the game. The writing it what really makes this game shine, it brings out the characters and their personalities so well. What is impressive, since this was the first Phoenix Wright on the 3DS, the character models and animations are amazing. The visuals really help make the characters that much more loveable. I’ve always loved how over the top characters can be in Phoenix Wright games, and this one does not disappoint.



This game just caught my eye from a post on Kotaku. It’s about a hospitalized boy who comes to terms with his own story by travelling to fantasy lands. You can check out the Steam store page here. The idea for the story is quite intriguing and is sure to take you through an emotional journey. I also find the visual style very appealing, resembling some great works from the SNES era full of eye popping, lush, vibrant worlds.

Ruin of Reckless


Last but not least on my list, is a recent release of a rogue-lite title on Steam. Thanks to the kindness of the PR rep, I was able to get a review copy of this one, making it my first review copy ever. Exciting times! I am looking to dive into this one ASAP. Due to some controller issues on my PC, I only got as far as the opening title and walking around. But I can’t wait to get deep into this one, it’ll be my first serious take on a Rogue-lite game, and the visuals and music are top notch so far. You can check out the Steam store page here.

7 thoughts on “What’s On The Agenda

  1. *reads “time to take on smaller games”
    *sees Xenoblade Chronicles X*

    I think we need to talk about your definition of smaller games. 😛

    Hope you enjoy the end! Though I’d say there’s always the opportunity to go for 100% which may take forever. Dual Destinies is also fun, though it’s not that short as far as visual novel adventure games go. Hope you enjoy these games!

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    1. haha yea, XCX is only there just because the last chapter I’m certain won’t take 80 hours. And I agree with Dual Destinies, I’m on the 3rd case and it’s going on quite long. But it’s finally taken a turn and proved my ultimately prediction that I made from the beginning to be correct. Loving it.

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  2. Gotta admit, I laughed out loud when I read “it’s a good time to step back and take on some smaller games” and then in huge print XENOBLADE CHRONICLES X. Ha!

    Although I do recall you saying at some point that you were at the tail end of it. Funny, that’s how I left Xenoblade Chronicles 1 for a few months – right near the final boss. Or at least, the final 10 bosses, cause that game was relentless with the boss fights. I’m sure X is the same.

    Definitely good to start there though since you are mostly done with it, of course being “mostly done” with a Xenoblade game means you’re in the last 20 hour stretch! Good luck!

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    1. yea, there is a bit of a grind, i’m hoping it doesn’t take 20 hours though to get where i need to be, but yes the final segment is a chain of boss fights. Although I find in the original the last chain of bosses was waaaay longer


      1. Man.. I thought I was in the final stretch of Xenoblade when I picked it up, and I ended up having to drop _35 more hours_ and dozens of attempts before I could take down the final few bosses. SUCH a rush though. Haven’t felt that good about beating a game in ages!

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