Blasphemous, a Dark and Brutal 2D Platformer on Kickstarter

A neat game popped up on Kickstarter promising to be a non linear 2D Dark Souls inspired game call Blasphemous that just hit it’s goal for $50000 earlier today. Being someone who hasn’t gotten too into them, I’m not solely excited because of the promise of being like Dark Souls, but I simply think the game looks pretty cool and brutal with some amazing 2D sprite work. The game also has some quite disturbing creatures.

Some of these monsters are horrendous… EESSH!!


Not as quite disturbing, but just something pretty cool are things like this


Ok never mind, that is pretty disturbing now that I think about it.

The game appears to play out like a hack and slash Metroidvania style game. There seems to be some opportunities to make some pretty brutal kills, like this… MY GOD!!! RIGHT ON THE SPIKES!!!



I highly recommend checking out their Kickstarter page here and watch the awesome trailer they’ve put together.

I certainly will be keeping my eye on this one. What do you think of Blasphemous? Are you looking forward it?

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