Monster Hunter XX Coming to Nintendo Switch

Well, I was surprised to see this announced, I would’ve expected something like this to be unveiled at E3 since that’s just around the corner. But at least we know something to expect with reveal.

I haven’t had too much experience with the Monster Hunter franchise. I’ve only played Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS. I loved it’s epic fights with it’s numerous monsters and loved how the game had you read your opponent to gauge their status or much you’ve weakened them, I couldn’t help bit think how nice it would have been to play these more recent iterations on the big screen. Fighting some of the gargantuan monsters on a small screen at times took away the thrill for me. The Wii U and 3DS versions of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate dabbled into this a little bit having each their own version, and some loose ability on being able to sync data between the two. However you needed to own both copies, so it seemed like a bit cumbersome to take advantage of this.

Now my prayers have been answered and at last we will be able to play on the big screen again, but also take this out on the go. I’m sure it being portable will still have many benefits. I will definitely be keeping my eyes on how the Switch version turns out.

At this point there isn’t much else known, unless you can read Japanese and can pull out some extra tid bits of information on Capcom’s site here. But given what I’ve seen on other sites, I don’t think there is much else to go on by, and we’ll probably get more information at E3.

Are you excited to finally have Monster Hunter confirmed for the Switch? Do you see yourself play on the big screen or on the go? Let’s get talking in the comments section!

3 thoughts on “Monster Hunter XX Coming to Nintendo Switch

  1. I am very happy about this! I have the exact same MH experience as you – a few hours on the 3DS MH4U. Well, about 50. But that’s all I needed to get my fill and moneys’ worth! I absolutely LOVED the attention to detail, and there was something so immensely satisfying that I’ve never felt in a game, and that’s tracking and defeating a huge beast, and then turning it into a sweet hat lol.

    I never got into Generations because it felt too much like starting over, and when it released I had just finished playing MH4U. I felt the 3DS to be too hand-cramping, and wished it were out for a bigger console, much like yourself.

    Looks like our wishes have finally been realized!!

    Side note – this is the Japanese version, right? As in, there’s confirmation it’s coming to Japan but no news as to if it’ll be localized in the West?

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    1. Yea this is for a Japanese version for now from the looks of it. But I’m sure it’ll be brought to the West. It’s still popular here and to me it seems like they localized all versions of it in recent memory.

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