Nintendo Switch Online Pricing & Classic Games Revealed

Nintendo has just revealed pricing for their upcoming online service for the Switch along with some details on access to Classic Games.

The online service will launch in 2018, a bit later tham Nintendo initially indicated. Anually, it will cost Switch users $20 to take advantage of the features of the online service. There are also options to pay  $8 for 3 months or $4 for 1 month of service.

The features included will be access to play compatible competitive and co-op games online. There will be no support for voice chat or online lobbies as that will be handled through Nintendo’s smartphone app.

The biggest reveal is surrounding Classic Games. At last Nintendo has given us some information around the classic games. Any subscriber will have access to a wide array of classic titles, anytime, anywhere. Looks like Nintendo ditched the idea of providing only one free game a month as fans were initially not too pleased with that concept. There hasn’t been a list of what games these, but they have cited Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario as examples.

I think this a great step in the right direction for Nintendo. The service is very affordable and given the subscription style access to many classic games, you can’t go wrong with that deal. Even though features like voice chat and lobbies won’t be supported on the Switch and instead on the smartphone app, it’s nice to see some mention of online co-op gaming. I’m thinking how nice it would be to play games like Super Mario 3D World or Donkey Kong Country online with friends.

Do you like Nintendo’s plan with their online service for the Switch? Let’s break it down in the comments section!

9 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Online Pricing & Classic Games Revealed

  1. Great great news! I can’t wait to check this out. $20 a year is MORE than reasonable for full access to whatever classic titles are on there. I mean, that’s $1.60 a month, I don’t think any service out there costs so little for what should amount to a nice little collection of titles to play.

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    1. I know, I’m pretty blown away by that. When they first said there would be a cost, I thought more along the lines of $60 or so a year, but this is so good.


  2. $20 is definitely reasonable and something I’ll likely wind up investing in, although I’m not too interested in most multiplayer gaming experiences. Their mention of adding online co-op to games like Super Mario Bros 3, though, is awesome. My primary concern is how Nintendo will go about rolling out the service. This is easier for something like Xbox and their similar Game Pass feature, as the console can only be played at home where you have wifi (a connection to Xbox Live is needed so the back-end can verify you have temporary ownership of the game’s license, which is needed to launch it). Since the Switch doubles as a portable unit, I wonder how this will work when you’re away from any sort of wifi hotspot and cannot connect to the internet. They specified that the games are only available while you’re a subscriber, so they’ll either have to immediately grant you a temporary license for the amount of time you’re subscribed for, or it’s not something you’ll be able to use without connecting the Switch to the internet. It’s Nintendo, so of course I’m concerned, but the concept on paper sounds great.

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    1. Yea good point. What you describe would probably work best by having a temporary license that expires locally when the subscription is done. Can’t see how else they would do it. Wonder if it would make those games more easy to hack and pirate. But I’ll let Nintendo worry about that one. Definitely can’t wait to see it in action.

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      1. Yea wondering about that to. They said GameCube games would be coming at some point. Don’t know if that would fall under classic games or be part of something else where you buy and own that license forever. It would be nice to have the option the buy the games individually for classics as well.


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