Pokemon Direct Airing Tomorrow

It’s been announced that there will be a Pokemon Direct airing tomorrow, June 6th at 7am PT / 10am ET. Last Pokemon direct was around a year ago, which announced Pokemon Sun and Moon.

I wonder what’s in store as this has come up as a surprise. It’s been talked about quite a bit of a special Switch version of Sun and Moon coming, that may be called Pokemon Stars. Not sure how much this rumour holds, but it would be nice to see some sort of debut of a true full fledged Pokemon game on a console.

After watching the recent video of the spectacular 1000 foot drop test for the Nintendo Switch, I’m more than ready to pick one up, pending stock of course. Although the thought of possibly getting a full fledged Pokemon titled for a console intrigues me, I’m not sure if I would invest in a Switch version, given that I do already have Pokemon Moon.

What do you think will be discussed tomorrow? Are you banking on getting a console version of Pokemon?

6 thoughts on “Pokemon Direct Airing Tomorrow

  1. Oh man.. I am very excited about this. I’ve been feeling really nostalgic for Pokémon lately for some reason, even went and bought a DSi and a copy of Pearl to play through. At this point, since SuMo just kinda came out, I think it would be foolish to do a third installment of the same game, a-la Pokémon Yellow. Anyone who wants to play Pokémon probably already had a 3DS. Although.. I do recall reading that the textures were being heavily down scaled for SuMo, meaning they could possibly be played at their native resolution and look great on a larger screen?

    I also can’t imagine a new main-line game being announced so soon after SuMo. I’d love to hear about a reboot though for one of the older ones. Maybe Black/White1 or 2? Never got to play those!

    Of course, what could also be cool is the whole Pokémon lineup coming to virtual console..

    Ok that’s all the ideas I could think of. Wait one more: Pokémon Snap: 2! :O

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