Thoughts on Nintendo’s E3 2017 Spotlight

Well, the Nintendo Spotlight hit today as part of E3. It was a short 25 minute show, but man did it deliver. There was some very nice surprises we found out about that I’m still reeling from. Here’s a quick look at what we saw and what I’m most excited for.

Rocket League



At first I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things right, but yes, that was Rocket League in the intro! Super happy to find out one of my most recent favourite multiplayer games is coming to the Switch. I heard podcasts talk about this in the morning, and I thought it would be nice, but what would happen with online play? Well not to worry, cross network play will be support on the Switch version, fuckin’ A! Expect to see it this holiday season.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2



Since I finished Xenoblade Chronicles X, I was a bit skeptical about this one given the lack or story and narrative in the previous entry. However, I think the new showcase of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 can put that concern of mine to rest. It looks like it’ll contain not only a huge beautiful world, but feature an in depth story and good characters. It looks quite anime as well. Looking through the video, it appears the battle interface has changed slightly, so maybe this will mix up the formula quite a bit. I did notice the frame rate wasn’t super smooth during battle, but I’m sure these will be ironed out before the release. What’s quite unexpected is Nintendo has doubled down on the holiday 2017 release date and reconfirmed this as the release window, quite unexpected. I’m looking very forward to this one.


That’s right, Kirby is makign his way to Nintendo Switch, and great timing to. One thing that was notably lacking from the Switch library and upcoming releases was those good old modern Nintendo side scrollers. Here we will get our first tastes of one. It will be coming 2018.


In keeping with the trends, another excellent looking 2D side scroller from Nintendo is coming in the form of Yoshi. Not only is this great because we are getting yet another quality side scroller, but I feared Nintendo might try to recycle too much of the Wii U library, most notably, Yoshi’s Wooly World. Instead they are giving us more brand new games. This is a win! Expect it in 2018.

Fire Emblem Warriors

I wasn’t too into these Warriors spin off titles, but seeing it in action has me sold now. I’m excited to get my hands on it this fall.

Metroid: Samus Returns

I don’t know how I missed this initially, but Samus is making a return to the side scrolling genre on the 3DS in the remake of Metroid 2. This is special, besides Super Metroid, this was the one game I wanted a remake of. Playing it on the Gameboy, it was tough. It was hard to see where you needed to go, and playing it after something as vibrant and brilliant as Super Metroid, it just didn’t me the same way. I’m glad to finally get to take on this adventure come September 17th.

Super Mario Odyssey

The supposed spot light of the Nintendo Spotlight was Super Mario Odyssey. It opened up with a vicious looking T-Rex walking about, but as it turned around, something distinctly red was sitting on top of it’s head. Oh way, it’s Mario’s hat! Yes, in Super Mario Odyssey, you can be a T-Rex! Nintendo appears to be going to the sandbox route by lending Mario’s hat the ability to be thrown onto enemies and take control of them. The game will feature large worlds in the form of kingdoms and so many collectibles. It comes out October 27th, just 1 day before my birthday. I know what I’m asking for my birthday.


Pokémon for Switch


After last weeks disappointing Pokémon direct, Game Freak has confirmed they a core version of Pokémon is being developed for the Nintendo Switch. That’s right people, we are finally getting the console version of Pokémon we’ve dreamed of for years. We literally know nothing of this title and that it’ll be a long time before see anything, but knowing it’s in the works and Nintendo has listened to our prayers is ever so comforting.

Metroid Prime 4!!!

As many people had including myself had put this into their wishlist of dreams and predictions, this was something that as much as we hoped would happened, many of us realistically doubted it. But when that familiar sci-fi music started playing, my ears popped up. Could it be? No, it must be a trick, my minds playing tricks on me. But behold! the Metroid Prime 4 logo comes up on the screen. The twitter crowd goes wild and everyones is screaming and applauding. Nintendo has not forgotten the beloved franchise that is Metroid and we will be able to play this on the Switch one day. It will be a long time until we get to see this in action, but simply seeing a logo is what I could’ve realistically hoped for. Knowing this is coming one day makes me so happy.


Nintendo literally killed it. I did not expect that to happen. Even a couple minutes into the short 25 minute presentation, I was already sold that this was the best one. For years, Nintendo has been a stubborn company that did things their way, much to their fans disapproval. Enter 2017, we are experiencing a new era of Nintendo, one that actually listens to their fans and seemingly gives us what we want. I have to say, this was an amazing way to finish off E3, and there are an absurd amount of titles to be excited for, especially on the Switch. I couldn’t be happier with the amazing game line up we have ahead of us.

Check out the full Nintendo Spotlight presentation below.



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