How the Hell Does Link Do It?

Aaaah… Breath of the Wild. How you’ve pushed the Zelda franchise to new limits and helped redefine it’s roots. Not only did it push the game to it’s limits, but also pushed Link himself to new limits as the Hero of Time. Link has many under appreciated skills in Breath of the Wild. Sure he is the only one who can wield the Master Sword. Sure he can take down the Divine Beasts and Ganon. Sure he is able to use a Shiekah Slate and it’s runes. With the release of the first phase of DLC for Breath of the Wild, I think it’s a good time to bring to light some of the smaller more practical abilities and strengths that make Link more formidable than ever before. This post will take a closer look at those, lesser appreciated skills that just make one wonder… how the hell does Link do it?

Paragliding Multitasker

Wii_U_screenshot_TV_01_C94 (35)

It amazes me the distances Link can travel while paragliding. What’s even more amazing is his ability to juggle several tasks while doing so. While paragliding through fearsome thunder storms, Link has no problem whipping out things like meat skewers and chow down to continue going the distance. Or while paragliding into colder climate, it’s amazing how he can change his outfit in a jiffy to keep himself warm and not loose his poise to keep the paraglider engaged. Quite remarkable!

Weilds The Kung-Fu Death Grip of a Silverback Gorilla

Wii_U_screenshot_TV_01_C94 (22)

Link has some incredible arm and finger strength. As many players know, there are days where it just won’t stop raining, and you are trapped midway through a climb high up on the side of a mountain. What is truly extraordinary, is Link’s ability to hang on a never let go. He can wait out the storm, clinging with his bare hands on the sides of rocky, slippery cliffs literally for days on end. Combine this with his multitasking abilities from the previous point, it is truly extraordinary!

The Hoodini of Inventory Management


Link must have some deep hidden pockets somewhere on his tunic, because I don’t know how to explain this next one. I’m talking about his inventory. Yes his inventory. Looking through each and every page, it’s not hard to be impressed. Before upgrades, he can carry ten weapons, four sheilds, four bows with several arrows, several pieces of clothing, and hundreds of cooking items and food to eat. This is something not new to Zelda, Link has always been able to carry a massive amount of items, but Breath of the Wild takes it to a whole new level. I mean come on, holding 47 steaks while still being able to fight?! Awe inspiring!

An Uncanny Knack for Cooking


Link has an uncanny ability to dish out amazing looking meals by simply throwing things into a pot and hum some tunes. I don’t understand! Whenever I cook, to get good end results, I need to plan and prepare accordingly and ensure I do things at the right time. But Link on the other hand, can literally just throw a handful of ingredients into a pot and voila, you have a shish kebob! How?! Quite mysterious!

Eating Competition Champion


I think he should get a Champions Tunic with a bib attached for this feat. The man can simply eat and eat with no end in sight. He never gets full and never shows signs of being fatigued from carrying all that extra food in his stomach. Also combine this with his amazing multi tasking ability, being able to eat eight seared steaks while taking on some of the menacing bosses is… truly incredible!

Lord of the Hot Pepper


I find this one a bit odd, as the moment Link steps on Death Mountain, he catches fire. However, again playing on his uncanny ability to eat endlessly, the man can down some pretty spicy foods without every shedding a tear or grasping for a glass of water. Certain areas contain quite an abundant amount of Spicy Peppers. Accumulate enough of this, you can witness the brilliant act of Link downing hundreds of these hot tasty infernos raw, and not be phased at all by it. Link should be entering the Hyrule Death Mountain Wing Challenge, I’m sure he’d come out on top. Most impressive!


Well there you have it. Hope you enjoyed this list that I put together. It’s safe to say after carefully examining each of these, that they don’t call Link the Hero of Time for nothing.

Do you have any other favourite under appreciated abilities that Link possesses? Share them in the comments!

8 thoughts on “How the Hell Does Link Do It?

  1. This article is so true! Particularly the paragliding thing. I just discovered yesterday that you can drop bombs from the paraglider too. They just fall straight downward so you can literally rain explosives from the heavens upon your enemies.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I discovered it completely on accident during the Middle Trial of the Trial of the Sword. Definitely helpful for taking out those pesky Red Bokoblins from the sky!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this 🙂

      I didn’t know about the imposed limit, but you’re right, even with that Link still can carry way more than humanly possible


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