What’s on the Agenda – July 2017 Edition

Hey everyone. It’s been one hell of a month! As we have sadly come to a close for both Canada and Independence Day long weekends, this break was much needed for me. June held my sister in laws wedding, which although was loads of fun and I danced until my feet hurt, it does wear you out. As those who have gone through similar things, in my culture, a wedding with events that don’t span for more than a few days is no wedding at all. I had loads of fun though and so happy for my sister in law, and both our combined families. I got to play a big part as the brother in law and was honoured and touched for the love shown my way.

My playtime did take a bit of a hit mid June. I ended up falling behind a bit in my reviews, to the point I was getting paranoid that publishers who provided games for review would start thinking, “what’s that Power Bomb Attacks’s deal?”. However, I am glad to report I have officially caught up on the games I needed to review. I didn’t make any dent into my backlog thought but that’s ok, as I will use July and possibly August to continue these games. I don’t like setting a goal to finish a game and abandon it. You can read all about my partially completed plans for June here. For the ones I did get done, you can check out my reviews of Drifting Lands and Cosmic Star Heroine.

As of now, my backlog stats remain the same.

Backlog stats
9.4% complete
47 to go

When I do complete Jotun and Limbo, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be posting reviews. As June taught me, I really need to manage my time better. If I’m to redo my priorities, I feel I’d rather prioritize my time to reviewing more recent games. It takes a lot of playtime to get to the point to be able to write a review, and even more time to properly craft one, that I feel this is the best approach. This way there’s no pressure to zoom through my backlog on top of needing to churn out an in depth review everything time and keep capturing the right screenshots and such. I need some games I can just play mindlessly.

Aside from June holding great family events, I was able to snag a Nintendo Switch. I was frantically checking stocks in several websites until stock finally showed up. On a couple occasions, the item sold while I was entering my payment information. So frustrating… but my efforts did pay off and now I can’t get enough of the Switch. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of titles available. Although they aren’t all AAA quality, there are some great games, and it’s only growing. So far I’ve been having much fun with ARMS, and after selling my Wii U copy, I’m once again sneaking time into the beautiful depiction of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild. You can read all about my first weekend with the Nintendo Switch.

E3 was also a big point in June. There were some great game shown. As a Nintendo fan, I walked away so happy from their announcements. It was especially fun being on Twitter during the event and sharing my reactions with everyone and seeing just how excited everyone else was. You can see my summaries here for Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony.

Anyways, without further adeau, here’s what will be coming up for July.



My Switch shipped on the release of ARMS, so naturally this was the first title I dug into. I absolutely love it. It’s pure fun, deep and very strategic. It’s accessible to just about anyone. If you want casual or competitive play, it’s got something for everyone. Stay tuned for a review next Monday, July 10th.

Elliot Quest


I picked up Elliot Quest last month, and have been trekking my way through this mysterious Zelda II inspired world. The game has a simple yet charming aesthetic, loads of power ups and leveling up to do, and some tricky enemies to take on. Learning the way through dungeons to find all the nooks and crannies and finding bosses has been very fun. I plan to have a review out July 17th.

Darkside Detective


Darkside Detective is a point and click adventure game where you play Francis McQueen. You work through the games several cases to solve super natural mysteries, all with a comedic twist thrown in the loop. The game is not yet out, but I plan to have a review published on July 24th. The game is set for release on July 27th. For those interested, there is a demos available on several platforms that you can check out here.

Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas


Oceanhorn is out on Switch now. It promises to be the most definitive version of the Wind Waker inspired experience. I’ve had my eye on this game for some time and can’t wait to dig into this one. Expect a review July 31st.

Well that’s that, it’s a pretty Zelda inspired month digging into a couple of these titles! What’s your thoughts on some of these games? What are you plans for the upcoming month to play. Let’s get chatting in the comments section!

6 thoughts on “What’s on the Agenda – July 2017 Edition

    1. Yea Binding of Isaac does look pretty neat. I’ve never played it. I do want to get Thumper once I’ve freed up some time to play other stuff. That game looks totally out there.

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