A Silly Little Thing I Love about ARMS

Hey everyone! This post is a bit inspired from Question of the Month at LaterLevels. Their upcoming question of the month is about which game has the best idle animation. Although I’m not participating in this contest, I did want to take the time to briefly talk about a silly little detail I love in ARMS, that I find important given how charming and lovable all their characters are.

It just so happens a game has come out recently, and there’s a particular idle animation that cracks me up and I can’t get enough off and I really wanted to mention it at some point. I’ve yet to see anyone really talk about this one. I’m venturing more on the pure joy and silliness of it all instead of technical prowess or artistic animation. So here it is.


Helix from Nintendo’s latest release ARMS is a unique character. He’s basically a walking, shape shifting blog of green goo… and is considered quite gross. With this comes all sorts of unique abilities that are quite unorthodox even for the realm of ARMS. I simply love his idle animation and can’t get enough of it. The wiggling back and forth while throbbing about, something about it just speaks to me. Call it silly, but I love it and can barely say in words why. It’s as if he’s just dancing to his own tune endlessly… that is until you press A and he’s ready for battle!

It’s just one of those charming things I love about ARMS and why it’s characters are so great. I’ll be talking a bit more about this in my review on Monday next week.

Well that’s that. Do you like Helix’s idle animation? What other little details in ARMS stand out to you? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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