Thimbleweed Park coming to Nintendo Switch

From the creators of The Secret of Monkey Island and other timeless classics come Thimbleweed Park. The game has been out since March 30th this year, however news now comes that we will be getting the game on the Nintendo Switch.

Although no release date has been set, this is pretty exciting. The game appealed to me quite a bit after hearing Rob Gilbert talk about it at length and parts of the creation on Kotaku Splitscreen. I haven’t had much experience with the point and click genre, but do see the appeal and thoroughly enjoyed the HD remake of Secret of Monkey Island on Steam. Games like this offer some funny, witty humour that’s right up my ally. I thought about eventually getting Thimbleweed Park on one of the available platforms, but given the allure of the Switch, I just want it on the go as well, and see a genre like this thriving on the go.

Below is video Ron Gilbert has posted showing off how the game plays on the Switch. It looks to support standard controls along with touch screen support. It would be nice to see if it would be played entirely with touch screen once it’s out. I’ll definitely be checking it out on it’s release, whenever that may be.

Are you excited to hear about Thimbleweed Park coming to the Switch? Are there other point and click adventure games you want to see on the Switch? Let’s get chattin’ below!

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