Game of Thrones: Thoughts on Episode 3 Season 7

So I’ve been pretty invested in Game of Thrones over the years. From watching season 1, to then frantically reading the books and continuing with the show, it’s been interesting to see this “Lord of the Rings with boobs” flesh out to what it has become now. Even though we won’t know until the next books are released, we can’t say for sure if the events currently happened reflect that of which the books would present when the time comes. This does not mean the events in play are not fascinating as they are.

Season 7 so far has been a bit of a rush. I don’t mean that from a pure excitement view point, but just the pacing of everything is going at an absurd speed, with things like ravens being able to fly between Dragonstone and Winterfell in one shot. This is understandable, and time progression needs to be fucked with. There are only so many episodes left until the show reaches its final conclusion. So I was very happy to experience an episode where scenes were drawn out, and the conflicts at hand were not moving pieces all the time, but showdowns of view points between beloved characters.

Jon, Daenerys… Daenerys, Jon


We start off with Jon immediately arriving at the shores of Dragonstone. As I said before, things are moving fast. I’m still wondering how he arrived so quickly. He basically sailed on the open ocean with a few men, in pretty dinky looking boats. Seeing how Euron Greyjoy’s been fucking up things on the seas, I wonder how he eluded him, but I digress. I enjoyed this scene quite a bit.

I found the whole introduction sequence of hilarious. Missandie presents Daenerys with more titles that you can count on both hands combined, with such poetic and epic wording, and when it’s Davos’s turn to present his King, all he can muster up is he’s king of the North. Clearly he’s never done this before, but it’s fitting, Jon is a humble man and needs no such introduction.

Coming into this, Daenerys worried me. Her remark that Jon must come and bend the knee seemed a little absurd. I don’t like the idea of all these self proclaimed kings and queens squabbling who should rule, when in reality, by the time this is sorted out, they’ve all either killed each other, or the impending doom from the North takes the land by surprise. Jon points this out in more or less this exact wording. Daenerys’s stubbornness to have Jon commit to her cause because of vows his house pledged eons ago is baffling, considering she’s quick to ask forgiveness or the sins of her own father. And good for Jon, he calls her out on her bullshit, and points this out. She is so hell bent on taking the throne because of her father, even though she never knew her father, he was an asshole, and the only other person she knew of her own kin, her brother Viserys, was a dooche to her and treated her like shit. She’s getting too caught up on this whole political mess, that I fear she may become the mad queen herself. Only time will tell.


Unfortunately no agreement is made, and Jon is essentially a prisoner at this point and cannot return home until Daenerys bids him otherwise. The meeting is concluded at the arrival of Varys, who brings ill news to Daenerys, informing of Euron’s ambush. This puts a wrench in Daeneys’s plan, and I think it will ultimately come down to Tyrion getting the blame for it. Combine that with Jon Snow not bending the knee, another miss from Daenery’s view point for Tyrion.

Off with you, red witch!


Although a lot of suspicion was cast her way by Varys, which I totally understand. She comes out of nowhere, from one of the apposing factions, tells them what they should do, and disappears. It was for the best, had Melisandre been present for Jon’s arrival, and knowing that Davos accompanied him, I can’t see either of them take liking to her presence. Davos would have demanded her head after what she pulled with Shireen and how she effectively mislead that army to their doom. Will we see more of her? Sounds like it, as she promised Varys he would also die in this strange land, which he didn’t seem too pleased about.


Advise from a wise little man


Tyrion and Jon get a decent moment to catch up and reflect their mistakes. Jon is doubting anyone believes him, and Tyrion calls him out that he seems to give up too easily. I do heartily agree on this. Jon has been extremely vague when telling anyone about the white walkers. He just says they are up North, they have a King and they are coming. He does not go into detail about any of the specific dealings he has had with them, and that no weapon can harm them, and they raise the dead. I would imagine the terrifying details of their encounters would at least raise suspicion. Jon also has a great story to tell about his return from death, which by slip of tongue, Davos hinted at to Daenerys and her servants. In the end, Tyrion reminded Jon the other reason he came to Dragonstone, which was to mine dragon glass. Well there, guess Jon has his home work to do.

Tyrion is playing a key role still, despite his failed plan. Even though Daenerys and Jon aren’t seeing eye to eye yet, Tyrion is still reminding both sides there is still work to be done, and that they should basically get to know each other. Part of me wants this to eventually lead them to hooking up! But knowing Daenerys is Jon’s Aunt, the thought does sound strange. But Targaryen’s never cared for such things anyways.

I imagine Daenerys will try and dig deeper to Davos’s remark about Jon taking a knife to the heart. She clearly found that statement intriguing, and I think the moment she finds out what Jon went through dying and coming back to life, what she must do may become clearer.


He’s still alive?


I’m not sure how much longer Theon can go on. I kind of want to see his story come to an end. I absolutely have no sympathy for what’s happened to him. Not only that, he continues to be a coward as he jumped over board last season. Yet somehow, luck continually strikes his way, and he’s saved and brought aboard again. However his crew clearly know he didn’t raise a finger to help his sister. I think deep down inside Theon doesn’t want to go on living, and is too scared to end things himself.


Euron Greyjoy likes fingers in bums…


After we leave Dragonstone, we are brought to Kings Landing, where Euron Greyjoy is bringing in his spoils from last episode. With Yara on a leash, and closely behind Ellaria and Tyene, Euron is soaking up the fanfare. Clearly this is what he meant when he told Cersei he’d give her the perfect gift, as he throws them at her feet and declares that he has given her what no other man can, while glancing at Jaime.

Euron makes it clear again to Cersei that there is only one reward that he truly wants. After a bit of bantering, Cersei says she will offer her hand in marriage to Euron, only after the war has been won. Euron then heads on over to Jaime and starts taunting him. I found this exchange absolutely hilarious. Euron asks for advice, and Jaime has a bewildered look on his face, as if to say “whatever could this mad man mean?”. I found it funny how clueless Jaime was to this, I think as the audience, we all knew where Euron was going with this, as he asks if she likes it rough, or gentle. Or, my favourite line, if she likes a finger in the bum! LOL! Sorry, that line really triggers that small immature side of me, I couldn’t help laughing, and now my wife will get sick of my constantly saying this around the house with that obnoxious Euron Greyjoy acsent… too funny.

With this, they have now made a military allegiance. A big more for Euron, although I see trouble coming up between him and Jaime. Euron is already trying to get under his skin, and will continue to do so.


Poetic Revenge


Ultimately, Euron did deliver the best gift she could ask for. Revenge for her daughters death. With Ellaria and Tyene now in chains in the dungeons of Kings Landing, the possibilities of revenge are endless for someone like Cersei.

I particularly liked this scene. I hate Cersei, and think she’s an evil bitch and cunt all combined into one. Her only redeeming trait was that she was a mother and loved her children dearly and gave them the world. But one of the things she talked about was how she saw Ellaria’s true love for Oberyn when he died at the hands of the mountain. It’s so hard to even think back at this scene, it was very gruesome. Visually seeing the mountain crush his skull was one thing, but as Cersei points out, the scream the Ellaria let out as she saw that was equally as horrifying. I think it was well put when Cersei said she heard her true love for Oberyn when she screamed the way she did.

Cersei settles for the most poetic form of revenge. Instead of resorting to direct torture, she poisons Tyene the same way Ellaria poisoned Myrcella, and keeps Ellaria locked up with her so she can witness her die and rot away slowly. It truly goes to say a Lannister always pays their debts. This is the one instance where I feel Cersei is actually justified for her actions. Myrcella was an innocent victim. Oberyn’s death was not caused by the hand of Cersei, but of Oberyn’s own choice. Ellaria let her emotions get in the way and now her own daughter has suffered this judgement.


Rekindled Romance


As if torture, misery and death turn her on, we then see Jaime making a move on Jaime. He refuses as first, but gives in quickly. Things start getting hot and heavy, as Cersei pulls down his pants and goes down on him. We get a great shot of Jaime’s butt, it’s so smooth, almost like a babies. Anyways, I digress, the two appear to have resparked a romance that they have been missing for sometime.

After the deed is done, Cersei’s approach to the whole situation has changed. One of her hand maidens knocks on the door, and she simply slips on a robe and answers, meanwhile, Jaime is clearly naked and in plain site. She simply does not give a shit anymore, as she says, she’s the Queen and can do whatever she wants.

With their children all dead, and the fact they already have the throne, this fact of incest is no longer a threat that can be dangled in front of them. There’s simply nothing that they can lose unless taken by physical force, and I think it’s clear enough now, that brute force is all Cersei will resort to keeping what she believes is hers.


The Iron Bank


In a somewhat brief encounter, the Iron Bank pays a visit to Cersei to discuss the outstanding debts owed by Kings Landing. The Iron Bank is clear that they don’t see Cersei coming out on the winning end of this war. They have no food, allies, and more importantly, no money. The Iron Bank flirts with the idea of investing, or as Cersei puts it, gambling on the opposition. It’s pointed yet again Daenerys has three dragons, and their wooden ships will be no match, but Cersei believes they can be killed. She assures him that a Lannister always pays their debts, and to give her a fortnight to do so. We will have to see about that.


Holding Down the Fort


We are taken back into Winterfell. Things seem to be going in order under the rule of Sansa. Only real problem they have is they don’t seem to have enough food. No worries, Sansa is ordering to have food brought in from around the North. She’s also seen showing her apparent expertise in armor and blacksmithing, as she questions why the breastplates aren’t being fitted with leather to protect their soldiers from the cold.

The big turn of events comes when Sansa is informed of something at the gates. She heads over to find Bran has returned. This was a great moment to see more Stark’s re-unite. As emotional as this scene started out, things unfortunately take a turn for the worse. Bran doesn’t seemed too moved by seeing Sansa again. Sansa on the other hand is overrun with tears of joy.


As Bran and Sansa catch up by the weirwood tree, Bran clearly has changed. He’s so monotone and almost lifeless. Sansa points out he is the true lord of Winterfell now that he is back, however Bran does not think so, because he is the three eyed raven. He tells Sansa he can’t explain what he has gone through, and keeps talking about the three eyed raven, which just confuses Sansa even more. Bran then says he is everywhere and can see everything, and keeps driving the point home how hard this is for her to understand. What makes matters worse, is Bran reminds Sansa of her wedding to Ramsay as if he was there. All the details he accounts for hits too close to home for Sansa and she leaves. Way to go Bran! I don’t like this new Bran.

Prior to Sansa leaving, Bran does stress the need to speak with Jon. Perhaps he will reveal to him who his real father and mother are. If this happens, this could develop some interesting events between Jon and Daenerys at Dragonstone.


Sam, The Curer of Greyscale


Much to our surprise, and in such quick fashion, Sam has cured Jorah of greyscale! Who would’ve thought, the ultimate cure was simply to cut it off. That was my thought at first, but the grand maester does elude to others having attempted it and failing horribly. Sounds like people got themselves infected. So what Sam did was quite spectacular.

Jorah is permitted to leave shortly after. Sam and Jorah share a firm hand shake, showing that Jorah can touch people again. I think the impact of this scene wasn’t felt too much, simply because of how quickly events are moving, it feels like Jorah just got greyscale and without really seeing the agony it brought him, he’s suddenly cured. But either way I understand what they are trying to get at. It just really downplays the whole idea of greyscale being insta death basically.

As a reward, Sam is not expelled from the Citadel, and is instead assigned to rewriting dozens of decaying scrolls. Well, it doesn’t seem like much of a punishment, considering what Sam was up to before his act of defiance. What’s next for Sam? I’m not sure, I feel like he should get back to Jon. I’m not sure what else he can accomplish at the Citadel at this point that would help save the Realm from the white walkers.


Something’s not right…


The unsullied arrive at Casterly rock, and in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers fashion, they attempt to scale the walls and breach the defenses. Tyrion did have one trick up his sleeve. He was put in charge of under ground drains in Casterly Rock. With his love for whoring about, he created himself a secret passage for him to sneak whores in and out off. Using this too his advantage, he has a small band of unsullied take the castle out from the inside, and open the gates to overwhelm the Lannister soldiers.

This montage is done very nicely, I loved Tyrion’s narration. He basically talks about why they will win. Lannister soldiers are driven by fear, where as Daenerys’s are fighting for something much greater, and that is freedom. It makes the whole moment feel quite epic and that the good guys are making progress.

They take the castle with much ease, but Greyworm doesn’t feel right. He points out there should have been more soldiers. Much to his dismay, he looks over the castle walls towards his ships, and…


Euron Greyjoy has once again shown up out of nowhere and thwarted Tyrion’s plan. Clearly from the looks of things, Daenerys’s once great army of unsullied is dwindling fast. This may seal the fate for Greyworm, they appear greatly outnumbered, and I’m not sure how they’ll get out of this. Question is, if the Lannister forces are not at Casterly Rock, where are they?


Jaime is full of surprises


We are suddenly in the midst of the missing Lannister army, and they are marching towards Highgarden. Jaime has equally outwitted his brother Tyrion, and moved where they did not expect. No battle is shown, but it appears they took Highgarden without much resistance.

Jaime clearly has learned from one of his failure against Rob Stark. Using the same tactics that defeated him and lead to his capture, the Lannisters have killed two birds with one stone by taking out the Unsullied, and now Highgarden. To top it off, they have now restored their food stores, and can probably now pay their debts to the Iron Bank. Not bad.

Jaime makes his way up into the castle, and is face to face with Olenna Tyrell. Olenna asks how Cersei wanted her to end. Jaime tells her she wanted flayed along with other gruesome things. Jaime assures he talked her out of that and settled on having Olenna drink a poison that will bring painless death. Jaime pours wine for the both of them and serves the poison to Olenna. She chugs it down and the deed is done. But before she goes, she reminds Jaime that Cersei is a monster and that she will be the end of him. He will realize it before it’s too late. As one last jab is thrown, she talks about Joffrey, how awful he was and how much of a cunt he was, and confesses to killing him!


She doesn’t just admit to it, but goes into much detail how awful it was to die the way Joffrey did. Clawing at his throat, blood coming out of his nose, face turning purple. She truly got in the last laugh, as Jaime and Cersei just served her a painless death in return. I’m sure once Cersei finds out, she will have regretted letting Jaime talk her out of how she wanted to take out Olenna. I think this bit of news will cause tension between Jaime and Cersei in the coming episodes.


What’s next?

Of course the fun part, trying to piece together what this all means and what will come of it all?

Well for Daenerys, once she gets news of the unsullied being ambushed along with Highgarden being taken out of the picture, she’ll realize she now needs Jon Snow. Hopefully the two can make a compromise sooner than later. Question is, do they go North, or South? At this point, threats are at either side. Kings Landing is probably coming for Daenerys.

I don’t see this boding well for Tyrion however. No harm will come to him, but his opinions and advise will be regarded much less, considering two of his plans have now been thwarted, putting them at a severe disadvantage. I still think he can be counted on for morale support, and will still be a key part in Jon and Daenerys coming to an agreement for what’s to be done next.

Olenna Tyrell may have been right that Daenerys should have taken Kings Landing immediately, in light of the recent events. I do still think although this would have almost guaranteed a win for them, it was still the wrong move, given many innocents would have been lost.

For Cersei and Jaime, although their romance was rekindled, I see tension between them. I see Cersei not looking to fondly upon him once he reveals that Olenna Tyrell was behind Joffrey’s death, especially since they granted her a peaceful death. Even though Jaime was part mastermind behind the tactics that have given them the upper hand, I see Cersei disregarding this and perhaps saying it was all her doing, which will ultimately piss off Jaime. Combine that with her promise to marry Euron, things won’t turn out well for them I don’t think.

For Bran and Sansa, it’s hard to say what will come next. I think they want to reach out to Jon ASAP. Question is will they?

Well that’s that! I hope you enjoyed my step into talking about Game of Thrones. Did you enjoy this read? Let’s talk about it in the comments, what are you thoughts on season 7 so far? What do you think will happen next?

7 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Thoughts on Episode 3 Season 7

  1. I enjoyed this read. It reminded me how I’ve already forgotten how much has really happened in this episode, and I just watched it the other day! I’m now sadly pretty solid that I’m not a Daenerys fan anymore and for the first time I’m losing love for Tyrion. Daenerys is still a spoiled brat, despite all of her life lessons. I’m really just disappointed in the meeting of Ice and Fire, to be frank. Olenna Tyrell thankfully retained her dignity and her total badassery till the end, so there’s at least that as a consolation. I think you’re right about the future of Jamie and Cersei. To add, I’m afraid that if she continues to live, she will end having Jamie killed too, or in a twist, he will have to kill her. As for Euron… his character design is just way over the top for me… the clothes, the clever lines, its a bit too “British Bad Boy” trope for me. I can’t wait until he’s dead, but often times that’s a sign that he’s gonna live forever. I will admit that the little spats between him and Jamie are pretty funny though. As for Brandon, I think his role as Lord, or as a Stark and his Buddha journey experience are gonna come to a heads. I was surprised that Sansa didn’t slap him for all that wacky spiritual talk she’s never heard him say, but… she’s probably still overwhelmed he’s still alive and just happy to see him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool thanks, glad you enjoyed this. Part way through writing it, I was having a tough time, as you said, so much has happened and any given time in Game of Thrones, there are so many characters to account for.

      I think Daenerys and Jon will find a middle ground. They have to, otherwise everyones doomed! I see Tyrion redeeming himself though, when called to the occasion, he steps up, like the defense of Kings Landing. He’s been here before and triumphed. Definitely agree Olenna went out pretty badass. Loved that she got the last laugh before she went out.

      Agree about Euron, he is a bit too much. I only really liked that little banter with Jaime, otherwise you’re right, it’s too much. I don’t see him being around too long before he does something stupid and gets himself killed. I think him getting on Jaime’s bad side is a bad move. Jaime’s no person you want as your enemy.

      Sansa is probably going through all sorts of mixed emotions. Reunion with her brother, trying to process what he’s become, and then being reminded about what she went through with Ramsay.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I really did enjoy it actually. Pretty much nobody I work with, like the show. Strange really. Sorry about the reddit post, but your last line reminded me of it.

        Tyrion does do what needs to be done when need be, I guess I’m disappointed not in his lack of military prowess, but that he’s sided so close to an increasingly arrogant queen. Guilt by association I suppose. Jamie is definitely a kind of underdog, at least in the game of the game of thrones, underestimate him at your own peril.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ah I see your point about Tyrion. I agree, I kind of preferred him doing his own thing and just fending for himself, instead of doing Daenerys’s bidding. But it’s his best chance at revenge against Cersei, so it’s hard for him to say no.

        Thanks for sending that redit post, that gave me a good laugh LOL

        Liked by 1 person

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