Question of the Month: August 2017 Edition

Hey my fellow Power Bomb Attackers! I’m excited to submit my first entry in Later Levels Question of the Month. Every month, great bloggers across the galaxy come together, and submit their answers. Using 100 words or less, they briefly talk about why they came to their answer, and fans get to vote on their favourite pick. This months question is…

Which video game should have had a sequel?

I had a couple choices narrowed down, but ultimately went with a game that ended off with a very epic ending, but touched upon some childhood memories. My pick is…


And here’s my compelling argument, in 100 words or less.

“As a fan of G1 Transformers, Fall of Cybertron hit the mark for me. It did wonders not only depicting the war between the Autobots and Decepticons, but ended with the most exciting cliff hangar a fan would want. My favourite memories of Transformers was watching the early episodes where they arrive on Earth. Not only did Fall of Cybertron end with an amazing duel between the fearless Optimus Prime and the tyrant Megatron aboard the Ark, but it setup the premise for their arrival on Earth. A very underrated game, and I wish a sequel was made.”

There you have it. Be sure to check back at Later Levels blog on Friday, August 4th at 6am GMT for their official post, where you can vote in the polls for which you game truly should have had a sequel.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Transformer: Fall of Cyberton should have had a sequel? Are there any other games you think should have a sequel? Let’s get discussing in the comments!

UPDATE: Incase you didn’t believe me, you can get to Later Levels QOTM post for this month here.

10 thoughts on “Question of the Month: August 2017 Edition

  1. Ooof! Good question 🙂 For me it would Outcast. Originally released on PC in 1999 with a sequel that sadly never really got beyond pre-production. But at least the original is getting a remaster on PS4 soon 🙂

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    1. I’ve never heard of this but looking up screens online, this looks very cool! Will be keeping an eye on the remaster. Maybe if it does well it’ll be a nudge in the right direction for a sequel. But probably hopeful thinking.

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