Game of Thrones: Thoughts on Episode 5 Season 7

Holy FUCK! These were the words that I uttered at the end of last episode. I utter the same words for Episode 5 now, but for much different reasons. Apparently Westeros has discovered some technology similar to the Mass Effect relays and can not only send ravens in an instant all over Westeros, but are able to travel all around the country in a matter of minutes. I had a big problem with this episode and how things were rushed. Clearly how things are playing out is simply because there aren’t many episodes remaining and the opportunities where they can really take their time and flesh out much needed story elements aren’t all that many. It’s a shame, because this episode just felt like a chess match on steroids, or being played by The Flash, against himself. Normally, we saw these light speeds ravens in the prior episodes and occasionally saw a few characters travel here to there in the blink of an eye, but this episode just overdid it to the point where I didn’t feel satisfied once the credits screen hit. A lot happen, and trying to take notes and keep up with all that had happened was tough. I felt like I wasn’t writing more than actually watching, so I had to take some liberties here and will have to recollect much from memory. Anyways, let’s just jump right into it.

Jaime is fine


We pick up right where we left off, and we see Jaime and Bronn emerge from the water. The two have a quick chat about what the FUCK just happened. Bronn questions what the fuck Jaime was actually doing. Jaime replies that he was trying to end the way by taking out Daenerys. Bronn questions why he would be so reckless seeing as there was a dragon, and kind of hints that Jaime may have been trying to end his life. Maybe Jaime didn’t want to deal with any of this shit anymore, and he’s in denial of why he did what he did. In the end Bronn said Jaime can’t die, he owes him way too much gold. We conclude with the two agreeing the enemy is far stronger than anticipated, and he must warn Cersei.


Coping with war



We next head over the little pond, back to Tyrion, who is seen reflecting on the battle. He clearly is shaken up by what happens, and is probably in some way, regretting what he has helped bring to Westeros. Tyrion is coming to the realization that they didn’t just come here to liberate the people of Westeros, but this is war, and they will kill. These are the people Tyrion grew up with and are essentially his people, so he must have some conflicting thoughts on this.


The Mad Queen?


We immediately move to an epic shot of Drogon sitting upon a hill top with the remaining Lannister army as prisoners. Daenerys gives a speech to the prisoners, and says that she’s not like Cersei and she’s not here to simply kill them as Cersei would have them believe. She says she’s different and offers to have them join her to make a better world by bending the knee… god I’m getting sick of hearing her say that. If they choose not to bend the knee, then they will die.

Okay, stop right there. I don’t think this make her any different from Cersei. If she was truly different from Cersei, I don’t think executing prisoners would have ever been an option for her. Also, one of the key things that Tyrion called out when comparing the Lannister army against The Unsullied before they took Casterly Rock was the Lannister army fights out of fear of Cersei. Whereas Daenerys’s army fights because they believe in her and the freedom she will bring. By stating she will kill them directly instills fear. So of course, some soldiers bend the knee. Drogon let’s out a mighty roar right after, and pretty much all the remaining soldiers follow, instilling even more fear. She has won over the prisoners, except for two notable people…


Randyll and Dickon Tarly. Daenerys recognizes they don’t bend and calls them out. Tyrion also questions why they don’t bend the knee, and points out Randyll Tarly already betrayed their common ally, Olenna Tyrell, and what harm is their to betray yet again. Randyll gives a speech that he does not liken the idea of foreign invaders and will not stoop to that level.

Dickon, who we’ve kind of come to like with his brief appearances as of late also steps in stating he won’t bend the knee. Tarly and Tyrion disapprove, since if he’s killed, the lineage of house Tarly is wiped out, but he doesn’t care. I would’ve liked to have seen more of Dickon, but I don’t see there being room to expand this character and hence why he’s getting wiped out.


Tyrion tries to plead with Daenerys to spare the Tarly’s, but she refuses. Tyrion does this publicly, which I’m surprised about. Tyrion says, don’t chop their poor heads off. But Dany has worse plans, and then we hear yet again Drogon roar, and it becomes clear what Dany had in mind, death by fire! The two are burned to a crisp, and hence begins the reign of the Mad Queen.


The bearer of bad news


Next, we are back in Kings Landing. Jaime informs Cersei of what’s happened, and Cersei seems to have some idea of it. They don’t know how many people they’ve lost, but is seems like way too much to count. Cersei seems unphased by it all, and says with the Iron Banks support, they can simply by another army of mercenaries. Jaime says she’s wrong, because the Dothraki on their own fight like no other, and they actually kill for fun. Combine that with three dragons, Jaime pleads with her that this is a way they cannot win. Also, he points out how her dragon canon sucked and barely hurt the dragon. Surprising eh?

Jaime then breaks the news to Cersei about Joffrey’s death. Cersei is bothered as they granted her a peaceful death, but is not quite convinved. Jaime goes through the events of the past to convince Cersei why this makes sense and that Olenna is telling the truth, and asks if you were Olenna, would you rather have Margaery marry Joffrey or Tomen. Cersei expressed her displeasure for letting Jaime grant Olenna a peaceful death, and that she should have been made to suffer before she died, but she moves on pretty quick from this it seems.


Jon make a new friend


Back at Dragonstone, Jon is over looking the cliffs, and Daenerys makes a triumphant return aboard Drogon. She lands right in front of Jon. Oddly, Drogon seems way too curious about Jon, which Dany at first seems to be concerned about. But Drogon starts sniffing and Jon is standing frightened and speechless. He inches closer, removes his gloves and touches the dragon. It’s quite an incredible shot, I loved seeing Drogon up close like this, just look at those teeth!

Clearly, Drogon can sniff the Targaryen blood from Jon, and looking on, Dany seems to be more than impressed by Jon’s handling of the dragon, where most would be afraid, Jon shows bravery. Browny points for Jon! I think Dany is developing a crush.


The two talk for a bout after Drogon flies off at how beautiful the dragons are. The two still seem to be trying to see eye to eye and acknowledge they need each other, but haven’t yet worked out how this should happen. Daenerys brings up Davos’s statement about how Jon took a knife to the heart for his people, and Jon plays it off as bigging things up really.


Jorrah is back


Jorah is back, and Dany is very happy. She assures he found a cure, and then hugs him. I never cared for Jorah too much before this, but it was a nice scene to see. Maybe Jorah will be able to provide Dany some good council and talk her out of burning people alive.


Bran sends word


We are next treated to Bran warging out, as he sends a flock of ravens over the wall. There he sees the army of the dead, bigger than ever. The Night King is seen and he banishes the ravens away. Bran then informs his maester to send ravens everywhere informing fo the approaching threat, which seems to be getting closer and closer.


Sam wants to send word


Sam is having a tough time at the Citadel. After proving his worth with curing greyscale, he’s still set re-writing other peoples stupid books. Let’s not mention he killed a white walker, as he wsa dubbed Sam the Slayer… fuckin’ rad name. He gets word from Bran warning them about the undead army approaching, Sam over hearing the councils discussion intervenes and says that if the Citadel warns everyone, that people will believe this threat. He states that he met Bran before he crossed the wall, if he was able to return from what Sam encountered, they should probably listen. He’s got a great point, but the stupid council thinks it’s possibly a ploy by Daenerys to lure all the armies away from the seven kingdoms. Sam leaves, and we learn the council has learned of his father and brothers fate but have not yet informed Sam.


Tyrion has yet again a master plan


We are back in Dragonstone, seeing Tyrion and Varys share a drink. Some deserved downtime I suppose for Tyrion. The two reflect on the past and how they cope with being involved with the deaths of their enemies. Tyrion obviously is still realing from the battle against the Lannister army where he witnessed several people get burned alive, and almost his brother. Varys talks about his time serving under Aerys, and that he kept telling himself “I’m not the one doing it.”. Even if you aren’t the one directly bringing harm to someone, I think each have played their part in doing such things, despite their reasoning. Tyrion at one did did lead the forces of Kings Landing to fend off Stannis’ siege once upon a time, and we know that resulted in similar things where people were brutally burned alive by wild fire.


Tyrion and Varys also talk about the letter Bran sent for Jon, and Varys being Varys read it. Back in the war room, Jon also hears news of it and everyone is aware the white walkers are getting closer every day. The group have a two struggles to deal with, one the ongoing war, and two, the impeding doom approaching from the North. Jon decides he needs to head back to Winterfell, and Daenerys can’t just leave to go along and abandon the progress she has made.

Tyrion comes up with a master plan, which I actually think is pretty dumb. He suggests that they need to convince everyone with proof the threat it real. Most notably Cersei. Tyrion believes, if they bring a white walker to Cersei, that she will also see the greater threat and fight along side them.

Normally, the first thing to make me say what a dumb idea would be the logistics of it all. First off, they need to travel over half of the continent to reach the wall, capture a white walker, and then bring it aaaaaaall the way back to kings landing. As if nothing will go wrong on the road with a white walker in your trunk. Second, this is Cersei we are talking about. The person who bombed her own kingdom for her own gain. The person who drove oh last remaining son to suicide. The mother of fuckin’ Joffrey we’re talking about. The person who hated Tyrion just because. There’s no reasoning with her. Tyrion of all people should know this. I think we all know well enough, Cersei is the kind who would work this into her advantage, and probably see opportunity to breed an army of white walkers or something. She does have zombie Mountain after all, who’s to say she’ll stop at monstrosities like that. And just like that, everyones on board with this stupid ass idea, and Jon wants to lead the mission, with Jorah accompanying him. But first, they need to see if Cersei will be open to this, and Tyrion will need to get into Kings Landing to talk to Jaime.


Sibling rivalry



Arya and Sansa make their appearances for this episode. Unlike last time though, this is not filled with joy and hapiness. Instead, we see Sansa trying to address the Lords of Winterfell and their concerns about Jon leaving. They say Sansa should be incharge instead of Jon and that he should have never gone South. Sansa appears to stick up for Jon by telling them he is doing what he thinks is right.

Arya is watching the whole ordeal, and seems to break a bit of a smile. At first, I thought she was happy seeing her sister stick up for Jon. Instead, Arya calls out Sansa for wanting to take Jon’s place should he not return, and claims she may not want to be thinking about it, but she is. Sansa seems thrown off by the whole accusation, and just like that, there’s tension between the Stark sisters yet again. So much for happy reunions, it was too short lived.


Arya says that Sansa should have beheaded those who questioned Jon, but Sansa points out that they had to take Winterfell by force and would have lost if it not were for the help of all those at Winterfell currently. They did lose a lot of men.

I don’t buy that Sansa is trying to over throw Jon at all. I think Arya is being quite unreasonable for thinking that. I could understand why, because Sansa worded her reply to the Lords by saying “Jon is doing what HE thinks is right”. Instead, Arya probably expected “No! Jon is right and you will obey him!”. It was just a misunderstanding of wordings on Arya’s part. Also, Sansa has told Jon he is good at leading. Sansa is new to this herself and probably just didn’t know how to handle it. She’s still only so young and has only just begun ruling over in Jon’s absence.


Tyrion is back!


Tyrion and Davos arrive on the shores of King’s Landing through an unpatroled path. After a bit of banter on how last time Tyrion was here, he killed his dad, and Davos also added he burned his son with wildfire… ouch! Talk about being able to get over things, never mentioned that until now. Anywho, the two separate as Davos has his own business to attend to.

We then see Jaime being brought into the dragons keep by Bronn for some training, or so we think. Instead, Tyrion is waiting and Bronn leaves to two brothers to catch up. Tyrion tries talking with Jaime on how he’s bested his tactics on the battlefield so far. Jaime is not happy one bit to see Tyrion and claims he would’ve killed Tyrion should he have returned. Jaime tries to call him out for killing his father. Tyrion justifies this because his father turned on Tyrion during Joffrey’s murder trial. He says his father knew that Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey but sentenced him anyways. He sees it as his only wrong doing was being born.

Jaime is having none of it, and Tyrion gets to his pitch about his oh so brilliant white walker plan. He points out that Jaime can’t win this war, and Daenerys is willing to let it all go and leave Cersei be under conditions. Yea right! Cersei to adhere to conditions. Puh-leeeeaaaase.


An unlikely encounter


That’s right, we quickly learn Davos went to seek out Gendry, and he’s hotter than ever. Oh yea, he does come with that finely crafted Baratheon themed hammer. Talk about wearing his family colours. Davos asks Gendry to come with him, and before explaining anything, Gendry already agrees and brings the hammer. Almost seems like recruiting members for an RPG party. Neato!

They return to the boat, bribe some guards and give them some ancient Viagra. The guards seem to be on their way, when we have that oh shit moment, and Tyrion is hastily trying to walk past them. The guards obviously take notice of a dwarf walking around the sketchy shores of Kings Landing of all places. They notice his big scar and this time aren’t settling for any bribes. But then…


HAMMER TIME! Gendry smashes both guards in the face with his hammer. Tyrion before even asking who the fuck this is simply says, “He’ll do”. And then they are off. I like the return of Gendry, especially as this hammer wielding badass, looking forward to seeing more of him.


Convincing Cersei


Jaime tells Cersei of his meeting with Tyrion and the proposition he brought. Cersei knew all about it, as she says Jaime should have Bronn killed for organizing such a meeting without telling him first. Jaime asks Cersei to meet Daenerys and that they’ll prove the existence of the white walkers.

Not surprisingly, Cersei wants to meet, but for her own motives. I’m sure she’ll use the meeting to her own advantage, if not, take the white walker for herself and make babies with it or something.

Speaking of babies, Cersei breaks news to Jaime and suggests she is pregnant by laying her hand on her stomach. When Jaime asks, she even says they’ll tell everyone Jaime is the father. How sweet!

I actually don’t buy she’s pregnant. I think it’s a ploy to keep Jaime from leaving or betraying her. Throw in a possibly child that they can openly acknowledge is Jaime’s is too much for him to resist, seeing as he was never able to be a father to Joffrey, Tomen or Myrcella. We shall have to see.


What confirms my thouhgts on Cersei’s plan is mostly how the scene closes out. Cersei embraces Jaime in a hug and says “Just don’t betray me again”.


Jon makes yet another friend!


I liked this scene a lot, as cheesy as it was, it was charming. In a show where characters mostly scheme, hate and kill each other, it’s always great to see two genuine people just simply admire each other.

Davos and Gendry arrive to Dragonstone. Davos warns Gendry to stay low and not reveal his ancestry. Well, as soon as Gendry meets Jon, he blurts out loudly he is the bastard son of Robert Baratheon. Way to go Gendry!

The two instantly take a liking to each other. They are probably like bonding because they are both bastards bros or something. They also have a bit of banter just like Ned and Robert did back in the very first episode, how Robert tells Ned he got old, and Ned tells Robert he got fat. A nice throw back indeed.

Gendry reassures Jon he will fight for him and lend the strength of his hammer time special attack to their new founded RPG party. This group just keeps leveling up as Gendry joins to squad going North.


Saying goodbye


Everyone is preparing to embark on the dangerous quest to capture a white walker. Tyrion and Jorah say their good byes as Tyrion gifts Jorah the coin used to by them when they were slaves. He tells Jorah to bring it back.

Dany then comes to see off her just re-united friends a knight. The two stare, Jorah grabs her hands, I was afraid he might kiss her, instead he kisses her hands like a gentlemen and true knight.

Jon and Dany also say their good byes, and Dany is now looking at him a certain way. Like he finds him hot or something. I’m sure next time these two meet, some sparks will be flying.


Sam loses his shit


In a kind of cute scene, Sam is copying books while Gilly is showing off her new found love of reading. She’s gotten quite good as she keeps spewing facts to Sam out loud. Sam is clearly annoyed though. She then asks what an annulment is. Sam explains that it’s basically voiding a previous marriage. Gilly then reads, and get this, that Rhaegar was annulled and remarried to someone else at Dorne secretly.

Well, knowing what we know, this is clearly talking about Rhaegar and Lyanna. If that is true, then this means, Jon is NOT a bastard. This technically makes him legitimate for the throne, should he even want it.


I have read a lot of people give Sam crap about whining and not listening to what Gilly said. They say should he have just shut up and listened instead of whining about not being able to sit with the big boys, he would have known Jon’s true ancestry. I think not, Sam does not know what Bran knows, so he won’t know how to connect the dots. He doesn’t even know Jon is a dot! I’m sure if Sam’s around when Bran breaks the news, that Sam, or Gilly, will remember and be like, hey, they were married, hurray!

Anyways, to get back to things at hand, Sam was complaining to Gilly having having to put up with the shit he does. He’s tired of reading about what better men did. Sam raids the Citadel library again, and jets. Where he’s going? Probably Winterfell, where I see the whole Jon lineage being revealed, and probably next episode.


I spy with my Little Finger


Back in Winterfell, we see Arya is sneaking about keeping tabs on Little Finger, and why not? She obseves Little Finger enter his chambers, where the maester comes by to drop off a letter, and Little Finger asks if this is the only copy in Winterfell, to which he replies yes. The maester departs and Little Finger enters his chambers, only to re-emerge and leave.

Arya See’s this as her chance to break in and find what the hell this letter is about. After searching nearly every nook and cranny, she notes a hole under the mattress. She reaches inside to find this note.


This note was shown only for a split second before cutting away, not giving myself and I’m sure many readers the chance to actually know what the fuck this is. I get it, there isn’t much time, but this is a pretty pivotal piece here and I was left clueless after seeing this for the first time. This is basically a letter that Sansa was forced to write and send to Winterfell, stating that Ned was a traitor and tried to steal the throne from Joffrey.

This is obviously big because Arya is probably going to confront Sansa about this and use likes liar, traitor, all that nonsense. After Arya leaves, she thinks she has the jack pot, or does she? We see slowly, and creepily peering out of the shadows this…


Yep, so in reality, Arya was keeping tabs on Little Finger, who was keeping tabs on Arya. Fuck! To much sneaky politics! I actually think this will be Little Fingers demise. I think Arya is probably onto Little Finger without him knowing. So in reality, it’s Arya is keeping tabs on Little Finger, who is keeping tabs on Arya, who is keeping tabs on Little Finger. Remember that episode of friends? They don’t know that we know that they know that we know!

Little Finger thrives on disbanding alliances and houses for his own gain. At this point, the North has come together very strongly, and there isn’t much for him to unravel at this point. I actually see this being his last attempt which will fail, and hopefully next episode, lead to his death. Given how late in the game we are, the big picture of things, and just how many episodes are left, I can’t see there being much room for more political squabbling. Also, let’s not forget, everyone already distrusts Little Finger, and should Arya not believe Sansa, Bran knows everything now so he should be just letting them know that Little Finger is a snake and that he did it. I see Arya’s Valyrian steel dagger finding a nice home in Little Finger’s black heart.


The Magnificent 7


In the final sequence, Jon and his RPG party have arrived in Eastwatch. They meet with Tormund, who is disappointed they didn’t bring the big woman. Oh well. They break the plan to Tormund, who then says they have people ready to go beyond the wall. He brings them to their cells, where they discover that Tormund has caught The Hound and his brother hood.


Not was I was expecting, but here they are. they squabble a bit as, Tormund even makes a jab at Jorah since his father was Lord Commander and killed many wildings. In the end, Jon says that they are all on the same side, as they are all breathing. They unlock the cell and the RPG party grows by three, and they are off.


What looks to be a party similar to the Magnificent 7 heads out beyond the gates into the bitter cold… where they find this!



Probably next episode, but the band heads out into the snowy wilderness to seek their White Walker.


Again, this was a very rushed episode, too rushed for my liking. I really enjoy the moments where they take their time and explore story segments more and open up characters a lot more. Just the idea of how everyones able to move across Westeros so fast made this episode feel a bit under whelming, but I think it was necessary. There are many loose ends that simply need to be wrapped up and pieces that need to be set for the sake of the final two episode of season 7. I think it’s in their best interest to have some focus for how this season will close out instead of jumping from here and there all the time.

Until next time. Did you enjoy Episode 5 ‘Eastwatch’? What are your thoughts on Tyrion’s plan? What do you think will happen next? Let’s discuss through raven messaging in the comments. SQUACK SQUACK!

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