Game of Thrones: Thoughts on the Season 7 Finale

And just like that, Game of Thrones Season 7 is over, almost feels a bit too soon. With the condensed season , it was inevitable things would come and go quickly. It was also unavoidable that each episode would be jammed packed and events would move at an alarming pace. It was still an enjoyable and exciting season filled with twist and turns, even if they were a slightly predictable.

Like last episode, there was a lot of focus on a few select areas, as nowany of the shows beloved characters have grouped up under a common goal, making things way easier to follow. Let’s jump right into it!


Meeting of the Queen’s

dragon pit

We start off with our group of Daenerys loyalists approaching Kings Landing we also finally get some closure on the fate of the Unsullied, and much to my surprise, Greyworm and the Unsullied army are okay. Not sure how, but looks like they managed to escape Euron Greyjoy with big losses. Their forces don’t look quite as large as they had in previous seasons. I guess Euron decided to destroy their fleet and avoid coming on shore to take the Unsullied head on. Probably a wise move, considering they are a force to reckon with, and throw the defenses of Casterly Rock in their court, it would make sense for an army primarily built for the seas to take on a foe who has a clear distinct advantage on land.

The company is escorted to the Dragon’s Pit by Bronn. As we make our way, there are more reunions to count here. Bronn and Tyrion have an exchange and Tyrion’s offer still stands that he’ll pay Bronn double what he’s making now, but Bronn is happy with what he’s got. The two do miss each other though and acknowledge it’s great to finally meet again. I never considered it, but Podrick is also back and reunites with Tyrion and Bronn. They are also very happy to see he’s doing well and make some funny references to his magic cock. Remember his experience in the brothel? More suspenseful, is The Hound and Brienne eyeing each other down from a distance. The two also get to have a word, and explain their reasoning’s for trying to kill each other. Clearly there are no hard feelings between the two, as they were both doing it for Arya, who is away and doing her own thing now, so it all doesn’t matter in the end I guess.


We make our way into the Dragon’s Pit, clearly a fitting place for such a meeting. The place is an old ruin, but is grand. The guests take their seats and then enters Cersei and company. Everyone is present except Daenerys, to which Cersei makes a remark that she didn’t travel with them. They wait a bit longer, and I think we know how she’ll make her entrance. Once a dragon gives off it’s roar in the distance, Daenerys makes her epic entrance flying down on the back of Drogon into the pit. Talk about sending a message. Cersei is clearly intimidated by this display and she seems quite uneasy and grasping the arm rests of her chair tightly.


Daenerys takes her seat, much to Cersei’s dismay. The meeting begins with Tyrion’s opening statement, which is immediately interrupted by Euron Greyjoy. Euron calls out Theon, saying if he wants Yara to live, he must surrender now. This takes the meeting right away in an unneeded direction, and both Jaime and Cersei order him to stand down. He takes his seat once the mountain steps forward threatening to do whatever the mountain does. Tyrion continues with his statement, and then the Hound makes his way back into the pit with a crate on his back. He carefully opens the box, and nothing comes out. Nothing is wriggling. He hesitantly takes a look inside, I guess the white is taking a nap? He kicks it over and out comes the white, and it’s headed straight for Cersei. I thought this was poorly planned. The Hound is great and all, but there should have been more people tending to this. The Hound grabs the chain and stops the white.


They quickly demonstrate to Cersei and company how bad these things really are. It’s bad enough seeing how gruesome it looks and sounds, but the Hound chops it in half, and it’s still moving about, crawling it’s way to him. He then cuts it’s hand off, which also is still moving. Jon steps in, and starts his sales pitch, and shows only two things can stop them. Fire, and dragon’s glass. He then asks for her help in “The Great War”.

The sales demo was effective, and first to make a statement is Euron Greyjoy. He asks if the whites can swim, to which they reply no. Euron talks about how he’s seen everything the world has to offer, some messed up stuff, yet this is the only time he’s felt fear. Well, I wish his acting could have had us convinced of this, but either way, if they can’t swim, they can’t reach them on the Iron Island’s, so he says they are taking their leave and their fleet with them.

Cersei immediately after pledges to their cause to fight along side them, but not without any conditions. She tells Jon that she’ll only help if he stays North and basically stays out of their affairs. She says if Jon gives his word, she can trust him, given that a son of Ned Stark’s has honour and will stick by their word. Jon says he can’t give her what she asks, as she’s already pledged himself to Daenerys. Cersei angered by this, withdraws her offer, tells them to have fun dealing with the white walkers first, and storms out. Not surprised at all by this. As they leave, Brienne has a word with Jaime and says he needs to talk to her, and that this is bigger than anything.


After Cersei leaves, Daenerys and Tyrion both come down hard on Jon. So much for rewarding loyalty. They said he could have lied a little to get Cersei to help. But Jon lashes back and says in a time where they need to come together, lying will not help, and he’s not setting himself up to break any oaths he makes. Good for Jon, I think he did the right thing. But he does feel very bad about it still. Tyrion volunteers to go talk to Cersei to convince her to change her mind, much to the dismay of Daenerys. But he must do what needs to be done, so no one else realizes how bad his plan was afterall…

Tyrion makes his way to the red keep, being escorted by the mountain. He runs into Jaime who was on his way out from also speaking with Cersei. He warns Tyrion that Cersei is mad, and the two jokingly say good bye, as they wouldn’t be surprised if Cersei kills Tyrion right then and there. Tyrion then comes face to face with Cersei at last. The two go back and forth quite a bit as Cersei is being difficult, and keeps blaming Tyrion for the death of her children and their father. Tyrion doesn’t deny killing Tywin Lannister, as he was wrongfully sentenced to death by his own father. He feels bad but doesn’t feel it was wrong given how awful of a thing his father did. He also points out how Daenerys wanted to storm Kings Landing immediately and burn everyone, yet he talked her out of that.


At this point, Tyrion is not convincing Cersei of anything, and instead states all the facts that he killed and ruined the family, and even thought of killing her. He dares Cersei to kill him right there, if she’s so damn upset with him. She doesn’t and Tyrion has a huge sigh of relief and fills a cup and chugs down some wine. After a long awkward silence, he sympathizes for her children and reassures how much he loved them, yet she doesn’t care and says none of that matters, as Tyrion has taken away the future of their family. Tyrion questions if there’s no future then why did she allow him to come. He hints there must have been something she hoped for from this meeting. Cersei talks about how she doesn’t care for the fate of the world, even after seeing the white walker. The only thing she cared about was getting on a boat, like Euron did, and taking all those she cared for away. Tyrion realizes as Cersei has her hand on her stomach that she’s pregant, and the scene concludes.

We then head back to the Dragon Pit, as everyone awaits Tyrion’s return. Jon and Daenerys are chatting, and she tells Jon how she can never have children again. To which he asks why she would trust a witch? He’s got a point, would you trust the medical opinion of a witch? Tyrion then appears and everyone is relieved. Shortly, Cersei returns, and pledges their forces to help in the “The Great War”. Well, I guess Tyrion’s plan may have come through. What a shocker!


Cersei doesn’t play nice… surprise!


Later in the episode, we come upon Jaime talking with his troops. Nice to see them actually use the floor map for some strategic planning. Cersei comes in and requests a word with Jaime alone. She asks what he’s doing, and basically reveals that she was lying about pledging their forces to help in “The Great War”. Jaime is shocked, I’m not, this is exactly what I expected from Cersei.

Jaime talks again how they can’t beat Daenerys, and even that doesn’t matter, if they don’t stop the white walkers, they’ll all be goners. Cersei on the other hand has bought the services of the Gold Company, and is arranging for Euron to sail them over to Westeros.

This ends in a bit of a stand off, where Cersei tells Jaime to stand down, and Jaime refuses. The Mountain just happens to be nearby. Jaime says he’s leaving and is going to stay to their word, and dares Cersei to have the mountain strike him down. She doesn’t, and Jaime says she doesn’t believe she could do it, and he leaves unharmed.

I think the fate of either of these two is sealed. Either Jaime will be the one to kill Cersei, or it just might be the other way around. We’ll have to wait and see. As Jaime leaves, it starts to snow in Kings Landing, as he rides North.


Back at Dragonstone


Daenerys, Jon and company are all back in Dragonstone, discussing their next steps in travelling North. Jorah and Jon express their opinions on how to handle this given their new alliance. Jorah is of the opinion that Daenerys fly North, to avoid being attacked by any Northmen who don’t take kindly to her presence. Jon on the other hand, says if they are to be allies, the North must see them together to strengthen peoples perception of them. Good one Jon, I think he’s just trying to sneak in some alone time with her.

sad theon.png

Later, Jon is seen leaving the throne room, where Theon catches up to him to have a word. Theon expresses his admiration to Jon about telling the enemy the truth back when speaking with Cersei. He says even when they were young, Jon always knew what was right and unlike him. Jon says he’s done some wrong, but nothing compared to what Theon did. Theon talks about how he never knew what was the right thing to do and the impossible choice of having to choose between between Stark and Greyjoy. Jon tells Theon how Ned was more of a father than Balon Greyjoy ever was, and that he betrayed him and his memory. Jon also says Theon never lost Ned, and that he’s a part of Theon, just like he is a part of Jon. Even after hearing this, Theon still appears shaken by his guilt from the past. Jon then says it’s not his place to forgive Theon for everything he’s done, but for what he can forgive, he does. He tells Theon he doesn’t need to choose, and that he is both Stark and Greyjoy.

Theon then starts talking about when he was a prisoner of Ramsay’s, that Yara was the only one who cared. Yara was the only one who tried to help him, and that she needs him. Before leaving, Jon asks why Theon’s still even talking to Jon then.


Later, Theon heads to the beach, where his Iron Island brethren are preparing to leave. Theon with a new found courage tries convincing and reminding them that Yara still needs to be rescued, and that she would never leave any of them behind. The leader of the group, whoever he is, protests against Theon and the two start a fight. Theon is not faring to well though, as he’s getting pummeled pretty bad. Every time he’s knocked down however, he’s right back up throwing himself at his foe, who says if he keeps getting up he’ll have to kill him. Theon keeps getting up, and the two lock up, where he tries to knee Theon in the balls, but it has no effect. Theon then turns the tide, takes him down and pummels his face and is victorious. He then makes a speech to rally the men to his cause and save Yara. Although the fight was fun, and I like seeing Theon’s transformation back to his older self, I think it was a bit far fetched that all the men are now behind him, just because he beat up some old dude.


Pointing the finger


We then come back to Winterfell, and immediately pick up with the drama we left off with. Littlefinger is still at work and appears to be succeeding in playing Sansa. The two discuss about Jon’s recent pledge to fight for Daenerys. Littlefinger suggests Jon could be doing it for a potential marriage and that an alliance makes sense. Littlefinger says Jon was named King of the North but could be unnamed. Sansa says it would never work as Arya would not allow it. Arya loves Jon too much and would kill to protect him. Littlefinger begins planting the seeds in Sansa’s head suggesting and having her question if Arya would murder her own sister. Littlefinger says when trying to find out a persons motives, he plays a little game. He tells her to assume the worst and has Sansa answer all the things Arya could want, and why, and more importantly, that if she takes Sansa out, she could be the lady of Winterfell.


Fast forward a bit, Sansa has her guards request Arya to their hall. Arya is brought in, with all the lords and guards present. Sansa and Bran are seated at the tables at the front of the hall. Arya and Sansa chat a bit, stating they need to do this to for their families honour. Sansa states the accused is here facing charges or murder and treason, but to the surprise of those present, directs the question to Lord Baelish. Literally everyone in the hall turns and looks at Littlefinger. It’s so damn quiet as we wait for his reaction that we even hear the guards leather creek as everyone turns. I especially love Arya’s little smirk as she faces him as well.

Littlefinger is caught of guard and he doesn’t even respond. Sansa reveals all his crimes. First murdering Lysa Arryn pushing her through the moon door, and conspiring to murder Jon Arryn. She goes on about how he started the feud between the Stark’s and Lannister’s by sending a letter to Winterfell blaming Jon Arryn’s death on the Lannister’s. How she worked with Cersei to betray Ned Stark, which lead to his execution. Littlefinger denies all charges claiming no one was there to know the truth. Bran then reveals details of how he put a knife to Ned’s throat and told him “I did warn you not to trust me”. Arya also points out the dagger was never Tyrion’s and was actually Littlefinger’s. He tries to plea with Sansa how he protected her and begs to speak alone with her. Sansa throws back Littlefinger’s advise in his face by saying when she tries to understands a persons motive, she plays a little game and she assumes the worst. She asks him what is the worst reason for turning Sansa against her sister. He tries to order the other lords of the Vale to escort him safely back to the Eyrie, but they refuse now that they know the truth.

Littlefinger falls to his knee’s and literally begs Sansa. He keeps expressing his love for her and her mother, but Sansa is staying pretty firm on this decision. She thanks him for his many lessons, which after Arya then steps in front and almost like a flash, cuts his throat. The end of Littlefinger.


This is exactly how I envision the scene to go down. Bran basically had to have played a role in revealing to Sansa and Arya what Littlefinger was trying to do and what he had done. They would all corner him and I predicted Arya would be the one to drive that sweet Valyrian steel dagger into his black heart. Well, I wasn’t too far from the mark, she cut his throat instead. As much as this was fun to watch and predictable as it was, I was disappointed this didn’t happen earlier. Given Bran knows everything now, I didn’t understand why it took them all so long to realize what we going on and put a stop to it. Even without Bran, it should have been obvious. I felt the creators decided to save this for the finale, and ended up filling it with needless drama to pass the time. In the end, I was still satisfied with the outcome, and I did like how they did it on a grand stage in front of all the lords to see.


Finally putting the pieces together


In a much anticipated moment, Sam and Bran finally meet. Bran tells Sam he’s now the three eyed raven, Sam doesn’t know what that means, and Bran simply says he knows everything from the past and what’s going on now. Funny how after saying he knows everything, he then asks Sam why he’s come.

In any case, the two talk, and eventually get to Jon. Bran finally starts saying about Jon’s true heritage. He tells Sam Jon is the son of Lynna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. He tells him about being born in the tower of Dorne and that his last name is actually Sand. Sam has an oh shit moment, and remembers what Gilly told him about the annulment. He tells Bran about the secret ceremony and how they were wed. To be certain, Sam asks Bran to google this, where he takes a flash back to the secret wedding, confirming this very fact. They both realize Jon is not a bastard and actually has claim to the throne, and Rhaegar never kidnapped and rapped Lyanna Stark. We also learn his real given name is actually Aegon Targaryen.


Can you feel the love tonight?


Elsewhere, on a boat somewhere, Jon knocks on the door to Danerys’s cabin. She lets him in, the door closes, and they get down to it. I knew this was Jon’s plan all along. The two make sweet sweet love while for some reason, Tyrion creepily hangs outside their door. Wonder how these two will react once they find out they are blood related.


The wall comes down



In the last and final sequence of the season, we are back at Eastwatch. Tormund and Beric are hanging out and keeping watch, when they spot a white walker in the distance, followed by his army. The horns sound warning of the incoming enemy, but as we expect, the Night King rides in aboard zombie Viserion. He immediately begins tearing the wall down with the extra hot blue fire.

We see Tormund and Beric trying to flee. Despite the carnage, I’m lead to believe they are fine. They clearly showed them not being on the part of the wall that came crumbling down. Now the white walkers and the undead have a clear path into all of Westeros and begin their march.



This was a pretty enjoyable season, despite certain areas feeling rushed. It featured one of the best episodes in the entire series in “Spoils of War”. It may have been predictable, but what did happen was still very cool, and I can’t wait until next season, whenever that will come. It’s a shame there are only six more episodes until it is all done. I hope to do the ending justice and slow things down a little.

What did you think of the season 7 finale? What was your favourite episode of the season? What do you think will happen in season 8? Let’s get chatting in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Thoughts on the Season 7 Finale

  1. It’s great to see that you enjoyed it mate and from the looks of it, there are many things which are a good choice to do from the creators.
    Now, I still need to watch the last three episodes and then I’m finished with the season, but so far I do not enjoy Daenerys that clearly suffers from delusions of grandeur while thinking that she is both a hero as well as a conqueror, which to me is setting her more up to fall into a madness in the end.

    The other thing is Jon Snow, I can’t believe that the character would just accept he is someone else, since he has been Jon Snow, Ned Stark’s bastard son all of his twenty something life. If he truly accepted it, that would mean he wouldn’t see his family as brother and sisters, but only cousins. Which once again is not in his character, he has time and time again shown to not care what others percieve him to be as he always believed he was Ned Stark’s son.

    Plus the whole Daenerys and him having at each other is for me out of left field, since Jon has clearly shown is love for Ygritte never went away and that even stopped him from having sex with the red woman who brought him back to life. Also he is shown to be like Ned through and through.

    Overall I do enjoy Game of Thrones a lot, I marathon all available seasons from time to time, but I will admit that while I haven’t finished all episodes of this season. There are still a lot of decisions that seem to be out of character from what have been build up these past six.

    Loved the article, was a good read and has me a little excited to see finale.

    Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind comment and glad you enjoyed this. Daenerys’s delusion did grandeur was bugging me to, but I think she ends up redeeming herself later on. And true about Jon Snow. He’ll be happy to know who is real parents are, but I don’t think that’ll change his perception of his family. I don’t even think he’d want a claim to the iron throne. It will be interesting to see how that reveal eventually plays out though. Hope you enjoy the last few episodes. Let me know what you think once you’re caught up.


      1. Wisecrack is a philosophy/pop culture/comedy channel that’s been around for a little bit now… here’s a link to the specific video I was referring to.


  2. So yeah, nice recap my dude! Personally I’m with the wisecrack crew thinking this season has lost its edge, at least for me. But their analysis was on point when they said its kinda what had to happen. My wife,has been hoping Sansa would take care of Little Finger and she (and her sister) totally did! I knew there was going to be a point where Cersei and Jamie would having a falling out… but who knows they are like rubberbands for each other… gross as it is. On a positive note, positive-ish… I hear season 8 will be a return to form, with even more dying of main characters! Its hard to say that’s good, but feeling meh about this season shows me that the grim fantasy world of GoT is much of what I come for in this show. Hmm!


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