I Can’t Stop Playing Splatoon 2

So this month brought something of a bit of a surprise. I ended up deciding to buy Splatoon 2, coincidentally right before the weekend of the Mayo vs Ketchup Splatfest. And I gotta say, despite repeated warnings by Pearl and Marina, I got hooked!

I never expected I’d take so well to Splatoon 2 and I went through such a struggle deciding whether to buy it or not. Going into the build up of the release, I unfortunately missed the demo Splatfest, so I had very little idea of what I was getting into. I had dabbled into one of the Splatfest’s in the first game, and actually found the game to be very fun. Multiplayer games that manage to make me laugh out loud when I’m playing solo speak a lot to me. However for whatever reason, I never got it on the Wii U.


I also was a bit reluctant to get into a game built almost entirely around it’s online multiplayer, especially knowing that modes like Salmon Run were locked to schedules. But hearing the amount of praise Splatoon 2 was getting, it was hard to ignore. As it turns out, I can’t get enough of the online play, and after sinking in between 10-15 hours, I’ve only done one level in the single player campaign. Constantly leveling up your little Squid Kid and being able to refresh your look with the never ending stream of clothes is addicting. I end up checking SplatNet multiple times a day to see what’s available for order.


What’s very surprising to me, is just how deep it’s online multiplayer really is. At least for someone like me who is coming into this from an entirely fresh perspective to Splatoon. Running through regular battles, it’s very easy to play match after match, and keep telling yourself, just one more. What really makes Splatoon great, especially for new comers is that the goal of the game is not to shoot players and get kills, but simply splat the ground with as much ink as you can. Anyone can do that, and it’s so easy to feel like you’ve made major contributions to your team, which is something many other shooters don’t let me feel. I end up just getting lost in the fray.

This setup may be overly simple, but man is it ever so fun. As you play, you get better and better and apply strategy to such a simple objective. I’ve recently just reached level 10, and unlocked the Ranked Battle. But as soon as you unlock this next tier, things get hectic very fast. It’s almost like a completely different game playing in the modes offered at this level, and the competition is fiercely different. Most importantly though being “good” feels achievable, which has me even more excited now that I’ve reached this stage of the multiplayer. In these modes, the goals are still centered around team based objectives.

And I haven’t even gotten started on Salmon Run. I won’t go into much detail about Salmon Run and save that for a review, but putting it on a schedule is actually the smartest thing Nintendo could have done. It guarantees tons of people will be available to play this mode, as keeping it on a schedule subtly builds hype for every occurrence of the mode. People, including myself, just can’t wait to get right back into fending off the never ending stream of Salmon and all the monstrosities they bring.


This is what makes Splatoon 2 special. It feels like the games always changing, whether it be rotating stages for the battles, the occasional job posting from Grizzco Industries, or seeing the constantly refreshed posts in Inkopolis, there’s always something new to see. It’s like a party that just gets the songs right all night long, and it’s amazing seeing everyone be so passionate for silly things like what your favourite condiment is.


And being able to post your own creations and possibly make some random person on the other end laugh is a great thought, and an amazing take on socialization on an online platform that is known for being limiting at times. But the morale of the story here is to remember that…


I’m only just scratching the surface, and the game just keeps getting better and better. It’s taken some top spots for my favourites of the year so far, and would tell anyone who’s hesitant, to just jump right in. There’s a good chance you’ll have a blast.

How are you liking Splatoon 2? What level have you reached? Let’s chat through Inkopolis posts in the comments!

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