What’s On the Agenda – September 2017 Edition

What’s up everyone!? September’s here, and it’s time to plan out and take a look at what we’ve got in store this month. I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, as alot of what I talked about in my post from August is still ongoing, and I just need some time to catch up. I’m getting deeper into Mass Effect Andromeda and enjoying it. Recently I started getting more into Breath of the Wild’s Master Mode as well and really getting in a nice groove of progress despite how challenging it can be at times.

I might have played these titles more, but I made  surprise purchase last month, and that was Splatoon 2. I’ve sunk many hours into the game and can’t get enough of it. It’s taken quite a bit of my time from other games, but well worth it. You can read all about my early love of the game here. I’ll be working on a full review in the future.

Question of the Month for September is on as well. Be sure to check out my post, which also links to the official post by Later Levels including all the answer by all the other great bloggers. The link is here.

In addition, I did manage to beat and recently review Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. You can check why I think it’s one of 2017’s best titles so far, riiight… here.

Closing out August, Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was released. I’m ever so tempted to pick it up, but I am holding out a bit. Despite the excellent reviews I’ve been hearing, I really want to stay focused on what I’m currently playing, and maybe pick it up next month.

That being said, here’s what’ll be happening in October!




I recently got my hands on forma.8. There was much talk of it on Talk Nintendo’s podcast. It was described as a Metroidvania game, so I was sold! So far I’m digging it. There are some minor nuances I have with the games map design, but otherwise it’s a neat experience, and aesthetically, looks great. Really nails that feeling of isolation that Metroid games do so well. Expect a review in the near future.

Did Somebody Say… Music?


So outside of gaming and this blog, music is my other go to hobby. I play in a band, bass guitar specifically. I’ve wanted for sometime to start talking about music on this blog. More specifically, about video game music. I had an idea to talk about times when video game music resembles other music we hear in the real world, or vice versa. Whether it be a cover, inspiration, or just pure dumb chance. I want to run it as a series, titled with a special name, but I just need to figure out what I’m going to call it. I already have a decent list of songs I want to talk about. This may not happen in September, but the wheels are spinning.


Metroid: Samus Returns


The biggest thing for my in September, will be Samus’s triumphant return in, you guessed it, Metroid: Samus Returns, the highly anticipated adaptation of Gameboy’s Metroid II: Return of Samus. This has been a remake I’ve been wanting for some time since we got our hands on Zero Mission. I wanted this even more so than Super Metroid, simply because Super Metroid is the perfect game for me already and my favourite game of all time. I have some bitter sweet memories with Metroid II though. Although Super Metroid was the first Metroid game I played and what ultimately drew me into the series, Metroid II was the first Metroid game I actually owned. It was tough to play though. The game being monochrome made it very hard to discern details for a game that required you to be attentive to environmental anomalies. The need to back track is key in Metroid, and Metroid II was just tough because everything just ended up looking the same on the Gameboy screen. To top it off, somewhere between some road trips, the cartridge was lost and never found to this day. Being able to snag this up in a new exciting modernized version is a dream come through given my history with the game. What makes things better is the reversible cover provided with the physical release of the game, giving it the aesthetics of the original Gameboy cover. I am normally a digital only guy, but this being a Metroid game that may hopefully go down in the ages, it’s physical for me.


And that’s my September! What’s your plans for this month? I hope you are as psyched for Metroid: Samus Returns as I am! What other games are you looking forward to or planning to play this month. Let’s discuss in the comments section!

3 thoughts on “What’s On the Agenda – September 2017 Edition

  1. Can’t wait for the Return of Samus! Ever since I finished Hey! Pikmin, I’ve been unable to get much into Miitopia as I’ve been far too hyped up for Metroid. Got the collector’s edition ordered and everything!

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