thatgamecompany Reveals Sky on Apple Platforms

At the Apple Event today, Thatgamecompany, the developer famous for bringing us the hit Journey back on the PS3, has unveiled their new project, titled Sky. You can see the reveal teaser below.

As expected, company from the creators of Journey, the game looks stunning. It appears to take place in an open sky world, littered with some small pieces of land scattered amongst the clouds. It also looks to incorporate a bigger coop experience, as four players are clearly seen before the leap and fly off into the clouds. As the view pans up, there appears to be some cloud like tower structure in the distance. I would imagine, much like it’s predecessor, the goal of the game would be to reach said structure, and experience some trying ordeals along the way.

I loved Journey, and also Abzu, which was created by a few of the members part of Journey. So naturally I was excited to see this beauty emerge. However the platforms it’ll be released on caught me by surprise. It will be coming to iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. So it’s essentially an Apple exclusive.

This is a big bummer for me, as I don’t own any Apple devices, and I don’t plan on ever getting one. I think the reactions online are more or less the same, and shocked that it hasn’t been indicated this will come to consoles, at least for now.

The way I see it, if the games coming to the iPad, naturally, the Switch comes to mind, and I would’ve loved to be able to experience this on Nintendo’s hybrid platform. Sadly, for now that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ll be keeping my eye on this one, but as an outsider, with hopes other platforms will be announced in the future.

What are your thoughts on Sky? Are you bummed it’s only on Apple platforms? Let’s discuss in the comments!

5 thoughts on “thatgamecompany Reveals Sky on Apple Platforms

  1. Looks pretty cool and distinctly like a thatgamecompany kind of game. I have an iPhone, but hopefully it will come to other platforms eventually so everyone can play it (I’d rather play it on a console myself). I don’t do a lot of phone gaming, so am not sure how often things stay just on Apple ecosystems as exclusives. It feels like they are usually timed exclusives, but again, I’m not really in the loop on mobile gaming.

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    1. Yea I’m hoping it would be a timed exclusive. Doesn’t make sense to keep it with Apple, considering Journey and other games like it were popularized on consoles first. I’d imagine the bulk of it’s fanbase is there still.


  2. Ooooooh. As someone who adores Flower and Journey, I’m very interested in a new TGC game. But like you, I own no Apple devices so I’m really bummed out that I can’t play this 😦 Maybe I’ll just get Abzu instead. Everyone says that’s “underwater Journey.”

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    1. yea Abzu pretty much feels like Journey under water. That statement may make it sound very unoriginal, but these games all follow similar themes and styles so it’s not a bad thing. I did a review of it here, loved it. Nice short game to take out over a weekend. And gorgeous as hell!

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