Video Game Music Chronicles: Volume #1 – Wii Shop Bling

Hello everyone! Today is a special post, as I am starting something that will hopefully be a fun, long standing series, and that is… The Video Game Music Chronicles.

This is a series where I’ll be bringing my love of music to the blog. I’ve wanted for some time to find a way to channel this here somehow while staying focus on video games, but also talk about my fascination of music in general. I thought the way I could do this with the best of both worlds is by talking about times when video game music resembles music in the real world, or vice versa. It can be anything from a cover, to inspiration, to just pure dumb luck.

Special shout out to Chris at the Objection Network and the series he runs called Music to My Ears. This was also in ways an inspiration for me to trying something like this.

So for our debut, we’re going to talk about something fun and silly. Something that probably happened by chance, but with the help of the internet, has flourished into something bigger, and that is…

Hotline Bling by Drake

When this song first came out, it took the world by storm. No matter where you turned, it just managed to find it’s way to your ear drums. One of the most enjoyable things was the countless memes that were sparked out of it’s release. From things like incorporating light saber fights or Wii tennis into the video, it was down right hilarious.

As much as I enjoyed these memes and got many laughs out of them, I noted something in the music itself. It resembled something very familiar. As I thought back, I pin pointed what it reminded me off, and that was…

The Wii Shop Channel Music

One of the coolest things of the Wii, that the Switch is notably missing today, are nice touches like catchy music to the eshop interface. Although Nintendo did great things on the Wii U eshop, where they themed the music with whatever was the hot game being released that week, the Wii’s stock eshop music was just so damn catchy and fun. It really made me feel like I was browsing through store shelves in white painted aisles. For your listening pleasure, you can indulge your self to 10 hours of the music in the video above.

Upon doing some google searches, I was happy to find I wasn’t the only one who felt there was some kind of resemblance between the two. ToonLink on youtube had kindly put together a mash up of Drake performing the song over the Wii Shop music, and it’s down right hilarious!

Much better! I was never a big fan of the original song, but now it’s something right up my alley. It also helps that it looks like the set they are is inside a gigantic Nintendo Wii. Is Drake trying to tell us something?

Did you enjoy the Volume 1 of The Video Game Music Chronicles? Do you think Hotline Bling and the Wii Shop sound similar? Let’s call each others cell phone and discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Video Game Music Chronicles: Volume #1 – Wii Shop Bling

  1. Music is one of the oldest mediums to exist in the world, it has trancended from simple tunes, to lyrics that you can remember with just a small hint. While I never owned a WiiU, I got the pleasure to play it with a friend or at the Gamestop store it’s music was something that always put a smile on my face and lid my day up with light, even if it was a dull grey one to begin with.
    Now I couldn’t honestly remember that Drake’s song was an inspiration from the WiiU shop, though more videos have come out lately to showcase it. This is still one thing I love about music, it can come from one place and be brought to another as it can go the other way around and still staying true its theme.

    I liked this article and look forward to more from you mate, it seems like something that could be talked more about but maybe with a view on its history and how the changes either made it better or worse.

    Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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    1. Hey man, thanks for the kind words. Definitely looking forward to continuing this. I have a list of pieces I want to mention, and some go into older inspirations, so I may be touching a bit on the history aspect a tad bit. Again thanks for the kind words, very happy you enjoyed this 🙂


  2. If I could like this post twice, I would. Once for the content and once for the awesome featured image!

    Hotline Bling is our roadtrip track. Every time my other-half, stepson and I go on a long journey, this is the song we usually end up singing for some reason. 😉

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