What’s On the Agenda – October 2017 Edition

Hello everyone! October is upon us, so it’s time to look ahead to what’s coming up this month. But before we get right into that, I do want to recap what happened in September. It was a much more productive month for me compared to August, so I felt pretty good about what I put out. A quick recap below.

September Highlights

In September, I was able to complete forma.8, and posted my review yesterday. You can find that here. Very neat and unique take on Metroidvania. Despite some complaints, it’s a pretty solid game.

I also got a review out for Thumper, you can see that here. Absolutely love this game, it’s such a rush.

I haven’t reviewed it yet, but Metroid: Samus Returns was released, and I posted about my first impressions here. I absolutely love the game, and currently have seven Metroids left to hunt down. Review is still to come, probably sometime next week.

September had a pretty surprising release of the Project Octopath Traveller demo. I wrote up a post about my thoughts and what I’d like to see in the final release here.

One of my bigger highlights was the launch of my new series, The Video Game Music Chronicles. You can see about that here. I had fun writing it, and people received it pretty well, so expect to see more of this type of stuff.


With that out of the way, let’s move on to what’s coming up this month.


The Video Game Music Chronicles – Volume #2


I won’t spill too much information on this one just yet. I’ll let this image be a teaser of what’s to come. Expect this post to be about Metroid though. I’m sure you will like it. Stay tuned this Friday for the post. You will be able to check it out here once it’s posted.


Question of the Month


I’ll be back at it again for QOTM for October. My post will be up tomorrow, and an advance link to tomorrows post can be found here.


Destiny 2 (PC)


I’m pretty stoked about this one. When the first Destiny came out, I was pretty bummed, because I didn’t have a need for a PS4 yet, but really wanted to play the original with my brother. There was the PS3 version, but it didn’t support cross play between the different platforms. That’s all changed now, as Destiny 2 will be launching for PC on October 24th. I can’t wait, and from what I here, it’s alot more focused on casual play, which is great for me. I won’t be too into the grind heavy stuff.


Stranger Things 2


I may or may not write about this, but Stranger Things 2 is coming out October 27th, a day before my birthday! Sweet! I loved season 1, and can’t wait to dive right into this. The trailer was pretty rad, and having Thriller be the theme song was off the hook!


Stardew Valley


Since it’s release, Stardew Valley caught my eye. Loving the original Harvest Moon on SNES, this game looks to be a re-imaging of that. I never did buy it, simply because this title screamed handheld to me. I could not picture myself being locked to my TV or PC to play this. I was bummed it never came to the 3DS, but come tomorrow, Switch owners will be able to enjoy this indie gem. You can bet your ass I’ll be picking it up.


Super Mario Odyssey


Probably the biggest release for me, Super Mario Odyssey. I haven’t played a full fledged Mario game since Mario 64 (Not sure if 3D World counts). so I’m pretty excited for this one. The last Nintendo Direct made me even more excited for it. My wife is also pretty stoked about this one. I can’t wait to play it come October 27th. Oh ya, incase I didn’t mention, that’s a day before my birthday, which is shaping up to be pretty damn good so far.


And that’s what October’s looking like. What games or TV will you be watching? Are you picking up Super Mario Odyssey? Let’s get chattin’ in the comments!

19 thoughts on “What’s On the Agenda – October 2017 Edition

    1. yes, i have super mario galaxy 2 on the wii u, I played a bit. But just mismanaged my gaming catalogue so never found time to get back to it. It was pretty cool, I did find it tough to control since you’re upside down alot. Just have to get used to the perspective.

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    1. Yea the whole Destiny experience seems highly enhanced if you got someone to play it. I’m really looking forward to doing raids and whatever else the game has to offer. Glad to meet some stranger things fans on here 🙂

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  1. So wish I had a Switch myself for the many great titles that are arriving on it. Stardew Valley is a gorgeous game, very relaxing and I agree it’s made for handheld devices (once again making me also wish I had a PSVita to play on the go).

    Now for Stranger Things, I still need to get around to watch the first season through, only seen one episode when it came out. Plus it might be a good show for “Halloween”.

    However, the one thing I’m looking forward to is the next installment in your Music Chronicles, the first one was a joy to read and I’m sure the next one will be as well.

    Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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    1. I know there’s too many games coming out, both AAA and Indies that I can’t make room for. Even with this list, there are several Indies that I won’t buy just yet because I already have many games to play on the Switch. It’s shaping up to be a special console.

      I’d at try out season 1 of Stranger Things. It’s a very good show, and Halloween is a perfect time to start watching it. Maybe start now so by the time Halloween rolls around, you’re set to go on season 2 assuming you like it.

      Happy you are looking forward to the next Video Game Music Chronicles. This one will be more on the serious vs comedic side of things, but will still be a good one.


  2. Exciting times ahead! I’m really excited about Mario Odyssey. I’ve never played Mario 64, so this will be my first open-world type Mario game, I’m really curious about how that will feel to play compared to the Mario Galaxy games and how the open-worldness will work! Looking forward to your Samus Returns review, might just be the thing that pushes me into buying it as I’m still on the fence!

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    1. Mario Odyssey looks like it’ll be a special experience for newcomers and veterans to the 3D Mario series. It can’t come any sooner.

      If you are a fan of Metroid side scrollers, I’d say give Samus Returns a shot.

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  3. Certainly an exciting time! Nintendo hitting their stride with the retail releases and the eShop doing strongly as always, with more huge titles being introduced daily. Hard to see this NOT end well, to be honest. They’re really pulling it off and I couldn’t be happier.

    Not to mention Samus Returns is/was amazing (beat it 100% last night), what an epic ending! Such a well-done game.

    Also really looking forward to Stranger Things returning! I’ll still be in Thailand on my honeymoon but booooyy I got some solid Netflix to catch up when I get back!

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    1. binge watch!

      i’m nearly done samus returns, as of this morning, 5 more metroids to take down! not going to 100% it just yet, will be doing that on hard mode.


      1. I scanned my amiibo after finishing and was going to do Fusion Mode.. yeah. It’s extremely tough. Died like 5 times in 10 minutes, ended up shelving it for now! Might have to try Hard Mode first….

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      2. Yes! Enemies in Hard mode do double damage, and enemies in Fusion mode do double damage of Hard mode. So even the weakest enemies cost you half an energy tank early game. You cannot ever miss the melee counter. It’s TOUGH.


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