Video Game Music Chronicles: Volume #2 – The Dark Hunter

Hey everyone. It’s the time of the month for my next installment of The Video Game Music Chronicles. I started this series out last month, and people seemed to thoroughly enjoy the post and the idea of what it’s about. So here we are yet again for some new melodic goodness.

Before we proceed, I have three very important questions to qualify you for this post.

  1. Do you like Metal?
  2. Do you like Metroid?
  3. Do you like ALL of the above?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may proceed into the lower depths of Brinstar, or Norfair, whatever keeps you warm and cozy.

September for me was the month of Metroid. It saw the release of a long awaited game, after a 7 year hiatus of the series, Metroid: Samus Returns graciously made it’s way to our 3DS’s all around the world.

So I’m in a pretty Metroid mood as of now. The game is great, and I’m loving everything about it. The other day, after scrolling through my twitter feed, someone had re-tweeted a link to a youtube video of a metal progressive cover of, a legendary Metroid music track, Ridley’s boss battle music.

This cover, among several others were done by Ro Panuganti, which also feature other artists. You can check out his youtube channel here. He has a ton of material up there ranging from several video game covers to even TV shows.

What I did want to focus on was specifically a recent six track release of his. A digital album titled The Dark Hunter, featuring music from the Metroid series. It’s absolutely brilliant stuff. Coming from someone who has metal flowing through his veins, to loving everything about Metroid, I simply can’t get enough of these tracks.

I highly recommend checking out his bandcamp page, where you can preview all the tracks. They are all done masterfully. Being progressive metal, there’s some nice twists and turns in the compositions, and an overlying Metroid theme that encompasses each track. I especially love how there may be no direct cover to Norfair’s or Motherbrain’s music, there presence makes itself known several times throughout the tracks, as if to remind you of the imminent threat that Samus ultimately faces.

One of my personal favourites is the opening theme to Super Metroid.

This has always been a personal favourite track of mine, and just hearing the first few notes always gives me goosebumps. It takes be back to a time when I just discovered what Metroid was. Being a bass player myself, I can’t help but go even more bonkers hearing the theme start out with some gnarly, growly bass guitar.

I highly recommend checking out The Dark Hunter. The six track digital album can be had for just a mere $6, and is pure quality. You can also find them on Google Play music. I guess I know what I’m listening to on the way home today from work.

Have you heard The Dark Hunter? What’s your favourite music from the Metroid series? Let’s get chattin’ in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Video Game Music Chronicles: Volume #2 – The Dark Hunter

  1. While I do have fond memories of Metroid. The sound of Metal? Not so much, while I can listen to most music, I’m mostly a jazz fan.
    However, I do admit that Ro Panuganti is very talented in his videos and you can easily hear the love that pours through as he plays the strings.

    For favorite Metroid music? I believe it’s the title theme for Super Metroid game. Reminds me so much of Space Odyssey 2001 from 1968. It invoke the same eerie feeling you get watching that movie.
    Loved the piece, it really showed how much you enjoyed hearing Ro’s music but as an appreciation to the Metroid series.

    Stay Cozy and have a nice day!


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