Question of the Month: October 2017 Edition

Hi fellow readers and bloggers. It’s October, and Kim at Later Levels will be rolling out October’s Question of the Month once again. Incase you missed it, last month I submitted my entry as the merchant from Resident Evil 4 as the most memorable video game NPC.

Given the return of the illusive franchise with the new hit 3DS release of Metroid: Samus Returns in September, I was in a pretty Metroid-ish mood. My favourite franchise is back and in good fashion. It inspired me to suggest to Kim for October’s QOTM, and that is…

If you needed a mercenary, which video game character would you hire?

As you guessed it, being in the Metroid-ish mood I was in, I only had one person in mind, and that was…



That’s right, our favourite galactic bounty hunter, Samus Aran, and as tradition dictates, here’s why in 100 words.

Note: for the purposes of this post, I’ll be referring to Samus as a mercenary. Although she’s official stated to be a bounty hunter, her missions and actions on most situations put her in the role of a mercenary versus a bounty hunter.

“Samus Aran’s track record through the Metroid series more than speaks for itself. Travelling all over the galaxy, she’s done it all from taking out key members of the Space Pirates on multiple missions to conquering the haunting creation that was Metroid Prime and Dark Samus and overcoming a seemingly invincible virus in Fusion. Let’s not forget her mission to SR388 where she also exterminated the entire Metroid threat. If you have a bone to pick with someone, or something, look no further then hiring Samus Aran. She has more than enough tools and experience to take on any mission.”

Don’t forget to check back in on Friday at Later Levels blog for her official post and see all the other participants entries. Have fun casting your vote!

If you needed a mercenary, who would you hire? Would it be Samus? Or would you go with someone else? Let’s discuss in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Question of the Month: October 2017 Edition

    1. I’d say if in a scenario where you needed to pay someone, you could choose anyone as a mercenary. I just picked Samus because she’s naturally a mercenary or bounty hunter in the context of her games.

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    1. I had Samus in mind when thinking of the question 🙂 but of course, the answer is only as good as the people writing behind the scenes. It won’t be an easy match considering all the talent involved in QOTM these days

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      1. Yeah, I think the group has basically doubled even since I got started with it, and I wasn’t one of the first.


  1. I’d go with Cloud Strife. He can rez me with a Phoenix Down (unless my name is Aeris), use all sorts of helpful materia, including summons, has an airship, can ride a motorcycle, snowboard, pilot a submarine… I think I’d be in good hands!

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    1. pretty awesome choice and not a typical one I would’ve have thought of, but totally fits the context of this question. I forget his initial appearance he was hired to work for avalanche. Small detail that eluded me.


  2. Auch, seems like the competition is strong this time around. I like the choice of Samus, she is strong and knows how to handle a threat, although she doesn’t seem much of a people person. It does seem like a good contenter in this Question of the Month.

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      1. Imagine if you in a Metroid game, Samus’ ship crashes on the planet where her mission is. Through the game you can gather files that is either with voice (she already has one I believe since Metroid Other M) or with text, her just talking about the missions or what she’s been doing before crashing there. An idea, but could be fun to explore if done correctly.


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