Leaving The City Life Behind

I’ve been having a blast playing Stardew Valley since it’s release a couple weeks ago. I’ve been eyeing this game since it went viral on Steam last year. I was a big fan of the original Harvest Moon on the SNES and thoroughly have enjoyed the “life sim” games since. After that, I had a good dabble in the Harvest Moon titles on the N64, Gamecube, Game Boy Advance. Even outside of the franchise, my love for it got me looking at other similar titles like Rune Factory and Animal Crossing on the 3DS. I just pour hours and hours into these game without the fear that the experience will finish too soon. There’s just so much to do, and there’s no pressure to get things done at an alarming rate. It’s Zen like gaming at it’s best.

When Stardew Valley came out, I never did purchase the title though. The thought of being tied down to my PC to play it was a turn off. Considering my last few experiences with these games were on handhelds, I naturally wanted to play it in this relaxed manner, without necessarily needing to leave the house or anything of that nature. I made the decision to wait it out until it came to a platform that would let me play it in the handheld manner I desired. The 3DS was unfortunately overlooked, but I was stoked to find out the game was making it’s way to the Switch. In surprise fashion, the release date of October 5th was announced just a mere few days prior to it’s release. I snagged it up instantly and haven’t looked back since. My gaming since has been me overindulging in this charming, farming, life sim experience.


First and foremost, I highly appreciated the character creation. For a game with limited, but highly stylized, vibrant pixel visuals, there is a huge amount of variety to be found. I was able to find a beard and hairstyle that matched me, and the choice of all the vibrant shirts was very pleasant to browse through. I’m a person of simplicity, but colour. I love wearing simple t-shirts but that come in vibrant colours. Most other games usually offer me bland options through character creation, that I end up just making a ridiculously looking character. Stardew Valley unexpectedly scratched this itch for me, and I can proudly associate myself to my alter ego in the Valley. I have a yellow t-shirt that I love wearing with my dark blue jeans, and voila!


Once I got into the thick of things. I hit up the town, met the townsfolk as quickly as I could, and scoped out potential marriage prospects. Got to plan for my future right? Everyone was pretty happy to meet me, and in terms of potential partners, there was plenty of people to meet and get to know. The excitement of not knowing who was the best fit and most appealing is always one of the most exciting aspects of game like this. I got to work right away, and foraged some lovely Daffodil’s scattered around the outskirts of the town, and started handing out my weekly gifts. Lucky for me, all the ladies were pleased with these gifts. Makes my work much easier that I can find these right on my doorstep! Call me cheap or lazy, but whatever works, right?

I like that Stardew Valley sets a limit for daily and weekly gifts, and neatly keeps track of it. It leaves me to have days where I can simply talk to them should I have the time, or focus on things like farming, mining or fishing. In Harvest Moon, I remember myself obsessively handing over gift and gift every day. I don’t mind being generous, it’s just a lot of running to sqeeze it in before or after I start working on the farm chores.


Of course, things aren’t all that easy. There have been times where I handed gifts that weren’t well received. Who thought all the girls in my radar wouldn’t have liked Tulips? It’s a beautiful flower! And I would be flattered if someone grew a flower specifically for me. It’s such a touching gesture…

Anyways, before I got too ahead of myself, I needed to earn myself a good living to plan for the future. Despite me being not so good at gift giving, I can at least take solace in my farming. Things back at the farm were going pretty smooth. I had a decent amount of crops being prepped. It may not have been the most efficient and productive compared to some others out there, but it was earning me enough money to buying new equipment and plan for upgrading my tools.


I wanted to be very ambitious. Spring was coming to a close and I wanted to maximize my earnings. Cauliflower is a pretty lucrative crop and the seeds may cost quite a bit, but selling each piece earned quite a bit of profit. I had about 2000 gold sitting aside, and bought that much worth of cauliflower. I went back to the farm, planted me seeds, and felt pretty damn good about what I had done.

I then started freaking out a bit. Why? Cauliflower takes 12 days to grow before I can harvest it. I ran back to the general store to check the calendar, and I messed up. There was only 10 days left in spring. The 2000 gold worth of cauliflower I had just planted was not going to flourish before the end of spring. It was simply going to wilt away and die come summer time. I felt awful at this point with all that money and time tilling the fields and watering the crops gone to waste.

I started doing research to see if there’s anything I can do to salvage the crop. I found out I cannot get my seeds back, but there were products I could buy or craft like speed-gro. I could in theory apply these after the seeds were planted. But it quickly became clear I wouldn’t have the funds or resources to obtain enough speed-gro for all the cauliflower. I’d really only be able to do one or two squares on the field.

I had to move on at this point and come to terms with my poor judgement. The Flower Dance was just around the corner. This was just the thing to get my mind off this mishap. It’d be a great way to get to know my potential love interests better, and strengthen my relationship with whoever I liked through the art of dance. Comparing to previous Harvest Moon titles, when the time came to finding a dance partner, it was a simple as asking. Well, I thought I’d follow the same path in Stardew Valley, especially since I’ve been handing out Daffodil’s out like they are candy.

There are three girls I’ve been interested in getting to know, Haley, Abigail and Leah.I took some time deciding who I would ask to dance, and I landed with Haley, since she was the former Flower Dance Queen, and she’s pretty hot, for Stardew Valley pixel standards. I thought being the former Flower Queen could boost my reputation amongst the townsfolk to. I also built up the strongest relationship with Haley, so I figure it would go good. I went ahead to ask and…


Ouch… that hurt. She could’ve just said no, but throwing in that Ew, pretty uncalled for. Well, to hell with her I thought. There’s many within the flock. I turned my gaze towards Abigail. I don’t know much about her, but something about her demeanor and choice of colours really appealed to me. Others in the town find her oddly dressed, but she seems cool. So I went ahead and asked, and…


Hmmm… this is getting tough. Well, at least she was much nicer about it. No hard feelings, I guess we aren’t just there yet. There’s still one more within my sights. I turned towards Leah. She seems like a pretty down to Earth person, and is quite in touch with nature. Now that I say it out loud, I’m surprised I didn’t ask her first. I went ahead and asked Leah, and…


Okay, this really sucks. 0 for 3. Well, now I’m getting worried. I just want to dance, is that so wrong?! I asked Penny…


Ugh… I then asked Maru…


Wow, I did no see this coming at all… There’s one more…


This is awful. There’s no one left to ask. Now I’m getting desperate…


Damn! And I really liked his hair! Don’t judge me! I just wanted to dance. Guess I wasn’t as popular as I thought. I had to sit on the side lines and watch everyone else partake in the festivities. I felt pretty lonely. I felt like a pretty big screw up at this point. I couldn’t even nail a simple dance at the towns festival.


They all look so stupid in those dresses. At least I got to enjoy the darkness back at the farm with my collectable scarecrow…


At this point I felt that I was a bit too ambitious, and maybe I set my expectations to high in regards to farming and just where I was at with the ladies of the town. But this is where my outlook on the country life turned around. Up to this point. I was scrambling and rushing to plant crops, make money, and increase my heart rating with the townsfolk. It in a way was becoming a bit obsessive and exhausting, and my days would go by like they were nothing. By the time I had some down time, it was close to midnight.

This is where the idea of making mistakes like this and rejection was okay. In Stardew Valley, you will make mistakes. You will get rejected and feel disappointed. But that’s okay, because Stardew Valley will always present you opportunities to start fresh and make amends for poor or rushed decisions you may have made.

Summer was now here, and this is the time to move on, refresh your fields and rip out those old useless crops.


Get the fields ready for the next season to come.


And enjoy the fruits of nature to come.


Have you played Stardew Valley? Did you get it on the Nintendo Switch recently? What’s your daily routine like? Let’s get chattin’ in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Leaving The City Life Behind

    1. oh yea, the social aspect is probably the most appealing aspect of the game. Talking up the single people of the town and going to festivals is all part of that. Even all the games it’s inspired from feature the social aspect.

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  1. “When Stardew Valley came out, I never did purchase the title though. The thought of being tied down to my PC to play it was a turn off.”

    This has been my sentiment but your post has hyped me for this on handheld. I’d seen some streams and read some hype but I think it’s portability might win me over.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea, it’s a blast in portable mode. I think for the first 10-15 hours or so, I strictly played handheld. Then the other day, I tried it in TV mode, and was very impressed. The game looks gorgeous on the big display, and with a good sound system, the music comes to light. One thing I didn’t mention here is the music is very nice/

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  2. Loved reading your thoughts! I’m a huge fan of Harvest Moon, so I knew I wanted to check this out. To be honest, while I think it’s an amazing game, it’s a little too similar to Harvest Moon. I get that the creator was a huge fan of the series and that there are improvements, but it’s a small issue when I sometimes confuse this game with the actual Harvest Moon. Still, it’s so much fun and I echo your sentiments when I asked everyone out during the Flower Festival… Also, Spring was kind of slow for me with the cauliflowers, but once Summer hit, I was raking it in with blueberries. Seriously, they’re a cash cow! And I don’t even have in-game cows yet!


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