What’s On the Agenda – November 2017 Edition

November is upon us folks! But before I get into what’s to come for this month, let’s take a quick look back at what happened in October.


October Highlights

I completed and review Samus Returns mid way through October and loved it. You can check my thoughts on the game here.

The friendly people at 10tons were kind enough to provide me with a review code for one of their new releases, JYDGE. I reviewed the game not too long ago and am still having quite some fun with it. You can read all about it here.

I also picked up Stardew Valley. I have yet to review the game, but I did write up on my early impressions of getting away from the city life. You can read all about that and my tale of rejection here.

Moving on, I didn’t get to take on one of my items for October, which was Destiny 2 for PC, and I’ll tell you why. I had been planning to play this game with my brother. The coop style of this game easily lends itself to that multiplayer aspect that I love. Even though he has a PS4 and could have been playing it already, he agreed to wait and get it on PC as well so we could play together.

Fast forward to last week, I made my pre-order on Amazon to take advantage of the 20% discount they offer. I told my brother to do the same, and he said to cancel it, and that he was going to get a better deal from EB games. Essentially what he said is “I got dis”. Given that my birthday was coming the following Saturday, I thought, aaaaw, he wants to get me Destiny 2 for my birthday! Of course this made me so happy and I didn’t mind waiting a few days to play.

I checked with him to see if he got the game yet, so we could jump into it as soon as he got it. He said it was still in progress. A few days went by and I didn’t hear anything about Destiny 2. Odd I thought, but my brother has been busy with and fixing up his new car, so I thought let’s wait a bit, I’ll be seeing him Saturday when I go to my parents place.

Saturday came, and the family and I headed down to the kitchen for some afternoon snacks and birthday cake. During this, my brother took off to prepare something. My parents were hyping it up and I starting getting excited, but super curious as to what he planned. Destiny 2 immediately came to mind, so I was eager to see him unveil it to me. My mind did wander quite a bit while I waited and many more ideas came into my imaginative head.

My brother came by, handed me a pretty awesome birthday card that opened up and played “Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood. If anyone knows me, despite adoring many movies, Terminator 2 is easily one of my favourite movies of all time. Having a card featuring one of the memorable tracks and scenes from the movies was AWESOME!

I haven’t even gotten my gift yet and I’m already gushing over what’s been handed to me so far. Next, after hugging everyone and saying thanks, my brothers been hiding something behind his back the whole time. He finally unveils it and as expected, it was Destiny 2. Something was odd though, and I noticed, it was a PS4 copy of Destiny 2. Suddenly, all the planets aligned in my head and it came clear what the big reveal was. My brother had pre-ordered me a Call of Duty WWII version of the 1TB PS4 slim!


Well holy fuck! This came totally out of left field and I did not expect to get this kind of birthday gift! I really took me back to being a little kid and getting that N64 from my parents. I now have a PS4, after procrastinating to him for too long about whether I’d get it or not, and how I really wanted to play Horizon Zero Dawn, and how cool I thought Detroit looked and so on. I always held back getting one simply for the fact that there are so many games out right now, and I wasn’t sure if I’d give the PS4 the time it deserved. But things like this are far easier when someone makes that decision for you, and I’m certainly not turning it away one bit.

I had a pretty fuckin’ awesome birthday thanks for my entire family, and especially my brother for getting me this super thoughtful gift. I should be getting the shipment this Friday, so I plan to be plugging it in and getting Destiny 2 running ASAFP.

I’ve rambled a bit too much about this, but for good reason, and it now introduces me to a new era of gaming, and even as I type this, the fact I’ll have a PS4 i n a few fays still hasn’t set it. I only realized now while typing this, I’ll get to play Shenmue 3!

For the blog, it’s also very exciting. With a PS4, I’ll be able to cover even more games now that I wouldn’t have been able to before. Of course this means more work and time which just naturally comes with the territory, but exciting regardless.

Anyways, without further delay, let’s get into what’s coming up for November!


Question of the Month?


As always, a new month brings a new Question of the Month hosted by Kim at Later Levels. This months question is “Which video game character wears the least appropriate clothing for the activity they’re doing?“. I’ll be going with Donkey Kong this month, and you’ll be able to read my reasoning this Wednesday.





The fine people over at Forever Entertainment SA have provided me a key to Violett. This is a point an click adventure that was ported over from iOS/Android to the Switch. It features some nice hand drawn visuals and a very cool sound track. The game provides full touch screen support along with controller support. Using the controller is a bit clunky however.


Time Recoil


10tons has been churning out many titles lately and Time Recoil is one of their recent additions which I’ve been able to get a key for. It is another top down shooter, but with a very cool twist in controlling time. The goal of the game is to kill, and the higher your consecutive kill streak, the more abilities are at your disposal. Very fun, and very destructive and I’m having a blast with this one. I plan to give a full review in the upcoming weeks.


Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds


I already posted about this in October, but wanted to highlight it here as I’ll plan to try out the early access version of the game. Legrand Legacy is a love letter to our favourite early JRPG classics. There is a great demo on Steam that I highly recommend checking out. The game emits a charm that reminds me of those early Final Fantasy games from the PSOne Era. You can read all about my impressions here.


Are Video Games Art?


In response to The Well Red Mage’s question from a while back, I’ll be taking my stab at answering this question based on my personal experience with a specific game. Expecting to have this up be the end of the week


My Favourite Thing in Super Mario Odyssey


Super Mario Odyssey is out! I plan to write up a piece about what is unexpectedly my favourite feature of the game rather than the usual first impression, since you can find that just about anywhere I think. Stay tuned for this one.


And that’s that. What things are you looking forward in November? Let’s get chatting in the comments!

7 thoughts on “What’s On the Agenda – November 2017 Edition

  1. That’s an awesome present! I love it when it’s a surprise 🙂 That’s how I got my original Playstation at Christmas from my older brother. Hope you enjoy! I really enjoyed Destiny 2 when it came out 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea gaming gifts rock 🙂

      Can’t wait to get into Destiny 2 And get the PS4. I’ve already registered my trial PS plus and taken advantage of the sales and added all the free games to my list.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy belated birthday and congrats on the PS4 (love the camo!) I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on Horizon Zero Dawn when you get it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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