Video Game Music Chronicles: Volume #3 – Street Walkin’ to the NightStop

Howdy everyone and welcome to Volume 3 of The Video Game Music Chronicles. Last time in Volume 2, we discussed some heavy metal Metroid. This time around, we are deviating a bit from that into a genre that I’m not so familiar with, but so far really liking, and that is Electronic music.

A couple weeks back, the good folks over at 10tons provided a key for review for one of the recent titles on the Nintendo Switch called Time Recoil, which I reviewed this week and spoke very highly of it’s music. There is one notable artist on called NightStop. It’s a two man group based out of Finland and… well, I’ll let their bio on their band camp page to all the talking.

NightStop hails from Jyväskylä, Finland to bring you fresh new retro 80’s electric sounds .

Music is strongly influenced by blast from the 80’s cyberpunk movies, videogames and beautiful girls with big hair.

NightStop is specifically intended for your hifi stereo casetteplayer as you drive your Ferrari F40 into Miami nights.

Pretty epic introduction isn’t it? Well, their track record so far speaks for it self, with these following tracks that stood out to me from Time Recoil.

I surprisingly found NightStop listed on Google Play Music, and saw that they had many albums available for streaming, with album covers all clearly inspired from 80s retro art. It’s some pretty neat stuff. I took a deep dive into one of the albums called Streetwalker, which as far as I can tell, is their most recent release this year. I listened to the album from start to finish, and man, it’s pretty fuckin’ awesome.

Their music is highly inspired from the 80s, and does indeed have that cyber punk feel, but what impressed me most are the arrangements. Being a metal guy, I love that I can follow the songs in a similar fashion. Being electronic, I find alot of what I hear in the popular public tends to sound for lack of better words, a bit crazy and unstructured. With this style of music, it has it’s percussion, it has one if not more melodies, and a constany, heavy, driving bassline that does some pretty neat shifts to some very low registers.

As soon as I went through this album, I wanted to have it on blast on my drive home from work. Being that day light savings has past, it’s pitch black all the way home, and this music suits the mood perfectly for some night time driving on open dark roads.

Here are some tracks from the albums that stick out to me.

Another track with a funny title. This one is neat because it melds the 80s feel with modern sounds.

Lats but far from least is my favourite track from the album Streetwalker, which is none other than, Streetwalker.

What I especially love about this song is the electric guitar that makes it’s appearance part way through over the rhythm. Really reminds me of a song that Judas Priest made called Blood Red Skies. I may be diverting a bit from the topic at hand, but to hell with it, you can here that here as well.

If you into that synth sounding, heavy electric music inspired from the 80s, I highly recommend checking out NightStop. I linked to it earlier, but you can check their highly bandcamp page for all sorts of information about the amazing duo. Rest assured I’ll most likely be giving their catalogue a listen.

Have you heard of NightStop? What’s your thoughts on their music? What other music in this genre do you like? Let’s discuss at the NightStop just down the road!

3 thoughts on “Video Game Music Chronicles: Volume #3 – Street Walkin’ to the NightStop

  1. Catchy stuff here! 80’s electronic stuff was the music of my childhood as my mother loved 80’s music, so I definitely enjoy hearing stuff like this. I’ve been studying up for an RPG I plan to play with my friends soon called City of Mist that is set in a neo-noir city, and this music absolutely creates the perfect mindset for that sort of game.

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    1. that’s cool, very happy this brought back some child hood memories for you. It really is pretty catchy stuff, and i can’t seem to stop listening to it on my drives home from work.

      Liked by 1 person

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