Feel The Power… Nintendo Switch… Power?

The Nintendo Switch has been doing well for itself in it’s first year. From the awesome first party Nintendo support, to the overwhelming amount of indie games available, to more recently the big AAA hit wonders making their way over, there’s alot to play on the Switch right now.

The last couple of weeks I feel were specifically more significant due to some heavy hitters making their way over. That is specifically, Rocket League, Doom and Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch. The games although not being the latest and greatest things out their, mark a significant achievement for the Switch, and that is the ability to play some of the top games from it’s counter parts at Sony and Microsoft, and hell, even the PC.


What I wanted to focus on is the fact that the Switch is able to deliver the core experience of these games, despite it’s tiny form factor. I’ve taken the time to view several comparison videos of the Switch versions of either game compared to their PS4, Xbox One and PC counterparts. The results are clear and there have been some sacrifices made to make these game run on the Nintendo Switch. Despite this, critics all come back to the games playing no different than they do on other platforms, and overall, still being great ports.

What really has my blood boiling over the whole situation, is after scrolling through several comments on youtube and kotaku, is how people are so quickly to jump in and say the Switch is under powered. Why bother getting the Switch when you can play the game in much higher graphics fidelity on other platforms?


Well, for one, the obvious reason is portability. Being able to play of of these games on the go is a huge feat on itself. Despite being 6 years old, Skyrim is still one of the most beloved games of all time. It’s also still one of the biggest games out their and any game that size, does need some serious horse power to run. The same goes for Doom, but more for it’s fast paced action. Rocket League, well, it’s just pure fun that feels right at home, especially playing in handheld mode.

Being portable, yes there need to be sacrifices. After watching several comparison videos, the differences are notable, more so in Doom than Skyrim. Skyrim actually looks pretty close to the other current version out their which is quite impressive. And despite Doom being graphically down graded, the game still looks impressive, and more importantly, both run super smooth from what I’ve seen.

I’ve yet to experience Doom myself on any platform, but I’ve purchased both Rocket League and Skyrim for the Switch. I haven’t played too much of Skyrim on PC, maybe 10 hours or so, but I’ve invested a god 44 hours into Rocket League on PC. Rocket League does tune things down in the graphics department, most notably in the resolution. Aside from this, when the action is in it’s full form and cars are boosting everywhere and balls are exploding as they reach the goal, it very much feels like Rocket League should. Visually, it becomes an after thought for me.


What’s more impressive I find is Skyrim. Purchasing the game yesterday, I invested a good six hours into it so far. This is a port that unless you squint and try to spot things in the distance, the difference between it’s counter parts and the Switch version are honestly negligible. The game looks great, and yes, the PC version will always trump this, but it still delivers the core experience and does it exceptionally well. I have had much fun playing in handheld mode, but was even more impressed when I docked the Switch and noted it looked even better on my TV. I was expecting it to fall apart here and run on lower resolutions, but it really holds up.



Don’t believe me about some of these? You can check out the very in depth video below comparing similar sections of each game on all platforms they are available on. I will say, the videos of Skyrim to me don’t actually do it any justice. Watching these prior to the game releasing, I was expecting the game to look mediocre, but I am pleasantly surprised.

Well, no surprises here, the PC version looks the best. Well of course it does, it’s a PC! When it comes to a PC, you’re not only spending more usually, but PCs come in a much larger form factor, and have all sorts of other things associated with them, like Windows (shudders).

For me personally, given what the Switch is, I think it’s amazing these games even run on the tiny handheld hybrid console. Furthermore, I think it’s amazing they look and run as good as they do.

The constant negative reactions and comments I see just don’t hold any water to them. If you want to play the game on other platforms, I won’t stop you. This is not an argument of PC vs Consoles or anything of that matter. It’s to put something in a very clear perspective. We are comparing this…


to this…


I think those pictures say enough. The Switch is tiny! Forget Skyrim and Doom, I still can’t get over the fact that it runs Breath of the Wild as good as it does amongst many other games. I think these pics below also further help to put things in perspective by stacking the Switch up to other consoles, and even other mobile and handheld devices



I think those pictures alone really spell out how special and powerful the Switch is for it’s size. For those who are in doubt, I’m not going to say go buy a Switch, but you really need to just hold this tiny behemoth in your hands to get a sense of what it really is. If you’re able to play either game in handheld mode, then I’m sure that’ll make more of a case to.

This is just the start as well. Wolfenstein 2 is yet to come out on the Switch, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is just around the corner. I think despite some of the negative reactions and comments I’ve seen online, I feel the games will still sell well, at least I hope they do. I would love their success to tell all publishers and developers, that if the effort is made to bring over good ports to the Switch, people will appreciate them and throw money their way.

What are your thoughts on these games running on the Switch? Are you happy with how they look and run? Have you played either of them? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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