Question of the Month: December 2017 Edition

It’s that time again bloggers, and just before the holidays, Kim at Later Levels is once again hosting December’s Question of the Month which will go live tomorrow. This months question is…

Which video game character would do a better job than Santa?

I did a bit of thinking and tried coming up with characters that have all sorts of vehicles and devices available to them. However, after carefully thinking back to my experiences with one of my top games of 2017, I decided to settle on none other than…


That’s right, the Hero of Time himself, Link, specifically from Breath of the Wild, and in under 100 words, here’s why…

“Link from Breath of the Wild has everything he needs to out do Santa on Christmas. With his paraglider, and careful preparation of potions and food, he can fly endlessly while replenishing his stamina. His inventory can also hold mass amounts of items. Whether it be food or equipment, or in this case, gifts, he can hold hundreds of the items in just his pockets. Dropping gifts below as he soars over Hyrule to our beloved children and Koroks while chugging down potions and food to refuel his stamina will prove easy work for our Hero of Time.”

Don’t forget to check back at Later Levels tomorrow for the official post and see everyone’s answers to this festive question.

Do you think Link can do a better job than Santa? Is there anyone else you would nominate for the job? Let’s hear it in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Question of the Month: December 2017 Edition

  1. Love it, Link is clearly well equipped for the task! Not entirely sure about his attitude though, I always think he is a bit sarcastic. I asked Lightening Ellen this about her suggestion so I have to ask you too: what treats do I leave out for Santa Link? Is he a mince pie man?

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    1. hmmm…. good question. I think Link would like some baked apples and a bottle of lon lon ranch milk 🙂

      I’d use cookies but I don’t think that can be conjured up in BOTW

      I hear your concerns about his attitude though. Not to devalue his legitimacy for the job, but he might lack the Christmas spirit part of it, you know, simply because he’s a mute. I can picture kids and koroks catching sight of him as he flies by and yelling “Hey Santa Link!!!”, and instead of replying with a HO HO HO, we’ll just get dead silence “…..”.

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  2. Nice argument, but I worry that keeping the altitude for his flight might have some destructive consequences on the environment, especially if Santa Link uses bomb arrows to create updrafts, must wreak havoc on the neighbourhoods!

    One thing we do need to hope though is that presents don’t have durability issues 😛

    And to respond on a comment I saw here, Link’s not really mute in BOTW. on one of the flashbacks they just explain he talks very little because his role as the Chosen of the Master Sword means he carries the hopes of everyone, and so he thinks complaining or even expressing discomfort would be insulting to everyone who depend on him, so he just bottles it all up. I found that explanation to be one of the best in BOTW, it really added depth to his otherwise lacking characterisation, making Link the stoic warrior.

    Though I do agree he’d make for a very unapproachable Santa for kids hahaha

    Finally, and sorry for this long rant, if you could give this link any item from any other Legend of Zelda game out there, which would you choose? I personally would go for the Ocarina in A Link to the Past, since it summons a bird that carries you wherever you want, that might come quite in handy for delivering presents!

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    1. yea, even if Link is a bit destructive, the priority is to get those gifts to the kids. Gotta think about the kids!

      That’s a cool theory on why Link doesn’t talk. I like the idea of him just bottling things up and never saying anything.

      Good question. Part of me wants the hook shot. It would speed up climbing greatly. But I think I’m with you almost, and I’d say I’d want some form of magical musical instrument. That was probably the biggest omittance that stood out to me. A Zelda game without a magical musical instrument, who would’ve thought.

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      1. It’s not even a theory, they actually state it plainly in Breath of the Wild at some point.

        Instruments have always been there in Zelda titles, from Link’s Awakening they’ve been either tools or key plot items, or both! But I think the simplification of tools and “stuff” in Breath of the Wild works in its favour

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  3. Why do I get the feeling that all the kids in Hyrule will get are his homecooked meals, as he seems way to enthusiastic everytime he cooked over the fireplace to “come up with a new recipe~”. Still, he would make a good Santa, since he can also fast travel by turning into some sort of liquid like water and that way arrive at a location much faster.
    A great answer my friend, loved reading it. Sadly I couldn’t participate myself, but went ahead and made my own contribution anyway, since it kept nagging in the back of my head to be written down.

    Stay Cozy and enjoy the holiday! 🙂

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