Happy Blogiversary! My First Post Revisited


This day came much quicker than anticipated. One year ago from today marks my first venture into this blogging bonanza. I made my first official post on Power Bomb Attack on January 16th, 2017. Of course I want to take this time and look back and revisit that adventure as I took my first steps into this great place.

Before that though, I need to get formalities out of the way, and I’d like to thank Geddy at Nostalgia Trigger for nominating me for this way back. I’m sorry it took so long to get to finally doing this, but this felt like something that should be saved for my very own one year anniversary. The idea, urge and inspiration is all credited to him when he made his fantastic post where he was nominated to revisit his first blog post. I’m glad he did, it was quite a humorous window in what Geddy was doing way back, and it was quite surprising to see someone who loves writing about video games, write about something completely different in their debut. Check out his blog if you don’t already, he’s a stand up guy who writes alot of great stuff both about niche and popular video games, and also gives a small window into what’s going on in his personal life.

Also, to keep the tradition going, I also want to do what Geddy did and nominate a couple of people and pass on this torch in hopes they will do the same one day. First off, I’d like to nominate Retro Redress. This is a pretty unique and fun to read blog, where as the about page describes, “Retro Redress is a blog aimed at setting right the wrongs that have occurred during my time playing video games.”. Aside from taking in part of the many wordpress community events, Retro Redress looks to resolves issues with all sorts of games they’ve had history with. You’ll read about their experiences with games you’ve played and can maybe relate to, or games you’ve never heard off. It’s a pretty neat take on video game blogging, as someone who ends up putting off games for one reason or another and wishes to take them on again, it’s cool to not only see someone do the same, but write about it in such great detail of why it’s so challenging.

The other fellow blogger I’d like to nominate is Trinity, of TriformTrinity. Trinity talks about not only video games, but TV, movies and all sorts of fun stuff. He also takes part in wordpress community events, and even started up one of their own, called Gaming Gripes. I had the pleasure of talking with him for a good two hours or so, I couldn’t believe how much time went by. He’s a super friendly dude and was great chatting about all our favourite video games, and hit some deep topics within gaming. I highly recommend checking out his blog.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to it!

One Year Ago…

I won’t get into the nitty gritty details of how this blog came to be and why I decided to do it. I talked all about that in my 2018 Gaming and Blogging Resolutions, so you can get the full scoop there. I particularly wanted to focus on my first post, not only because that’s what started it all, but given my gaming habits now, it’s quite an ironic and humorous read from my point of view.

Reading over it is kind of like eating my own words. I said many things which I take back now about Nintendo and that I was pretty much done with them. But now, all I can talk about is how great the Nintendo Switch is and that I feel like prematurely saying it’s my favourite console ever and I want to take it everywhere! It’s easily one of their best years ever.

To give some context on my first post, alot of this stemmed from the Nintendo Switch 2017 Presentation.

We learned alot about the Nintendo Switch and some of the games that were going to come. So with that, let’s jump right into my first post!

Much has been unveiled the past week about the Nintendo Switch launch, some good, some bad, some down right questionable. Here are my thoughts about the Nintendo Switch so far as a dedicated Nintendo gamer.

Over the years for as far as I can remember, I’ve always had a Nintendo console or handhelds, whether it was given to me by my parents when I was a child, or I had bought for myself once I was older. Either way, I love Nintendo. People thought I was crazy for doing it years ago, but when the Wii came out, I was out in the cold lining up on launch day to get one. I have many fond memories playing games on Nintendo consoles, games like Super Metroid, Megaman X and Orcarina of Time come to mind right away.

So far so good, I started this off on a pretty positive note. Given that this was debut, I like that I took the time to introduce myself as a gamer and tie myself to the Nintendo name and many of my favourite franchises.

I’ll have to go ahead and give a point to Imtiaz for this. I really liked that he started this on a positive note.

Imtiaz: 1
Nintendo: 0

There is a lot I like about the Nintendo Switch, in fact, in a way it’s my dream gaming system. I’ve always thought how cool and convenient it would be to be on the road, playing Monster Hunter 4 on the 3Ds, come back home, and pop that into something that could play it on my TV to continue playing, whether it be my Wii U or other consoles.There are times when I’m feeling lazy, and want to tuck myself away in bed and play on the 3DS, and there are times where I want to head downstairs, and play on the big screen TV with the volume cranked up to 11. Nintendo has given us that in a very seamless way with the Switch.

Sure the technology has it’s downsides, battery life that ranges from 2.5-6 hours, quite unpredictable if I’m to say, 720p screen, countless accessories to keep track of. That’s just to name a few, but then on the other hand, to be able to play a game as big as Skyrim on the go with such ease is incredible to say the least. Sure you can do it with your laptop, but then you are looking at something a bit more bulky, and gaming with a keyboard/mouse on the go isn’t exactly convenient, and if you elect to use a controller, that’s a separate accessory you need to keep track of. The Switch gives you all this with 1 piece of hardware.

Even though the gist of this post was pretty negative towards how I thought Nintendo would handle the Switch, I did talk about what really apealled to me about the Switch. I even hinted a bit of my dream of taking games seamlessly between portable mode and on the TV.

I did get into a few of what I felt were negatives at the time. Looking at it now, these are all none issues. The Switch 720p screen is actually a thing of wonder, and games look great on the go. As for the battery life, it’s pretty fuckin’ impressive for such a tiny damn thing that plays modern games for as long as it does.

Although I’ve kind of eaten my words about the screen and the battery life, I was still overall very positive here, and even called it my dream gaming system. So the score remains the same…

Imtiaz: 1
Nintendo: 0

In the presentation we saw on Jan 12th, there was a lot I saw that I liked. Although it’s not the game that will truly sell me on the idea, Arms, as silly as it may seem, had me laughing outloud when they showed off the first footage of the game, it looked genuinely fun. Xenoblade 2 has me screaming for joy, as I felt with the lackluster Xenoblade Chronicles X, and the length of time and the amount of money it took to make a game like Final Fantasy 15 has me thinking huge JRPG games like this would start fizzling out. I was scared big companies may not see it as a good investment to keep making these games. But Xenoblade 2 is going to give us more than that, and it looks like it’ll be more beautiful and epic then ever. Super Mario Odyssey also has me eagerly awaiting the holidays this year. Last but not least, Breath of the Wild has me even more excited than before knowing this game is less than 2 months from releasing. It’s a good time to be a Nintendo fan in a way.

Imtiaz is going pretty strong here. He’s backing up the Switch pretty good, sticking up for it’s newly revealed original IP, hyping up Xenoblade 2 and showing love for big JRPGs. I think I’ll give a point to Imtiaz for what looks like his undying loyalty, and closing it off by saying it’s a good time to be a Nintendo fan.

Imtiaz: 2
Nintendo: 0

To back up a bit with the Wii U, it’s a console I got later down it’s life cycle, I was aware it was doomed for failure already and had a very slim chance of recovery. Let’s face it, video games are all around us, whether it’s in your home, at your next door neighbours, at LAN cafes, at the mall, online etc. I constantly talk to people who are gaming on PS4, PC, 3Ds, Xbox One. Hell, the other day, my co-worker showed up to work with a Nintendo DSi XL saying he just found it in his sisters pile of junk. I’ve yet to run into someone in person outside the confines of my home who has a Wii U, or better yet, even knows what it is! Yes, I’m one of those people who give a damn about the console and is willing to try and educate people about it and bring up it’s strong points. I’ve not only bought a Wii U, but I’ve built of a substantial library of games, and bought DLC for several games I own. I don’t use half of the characters available, but I went ahead and purchase all the DLC characters and stages available in Smash 4.

Well, I think I’ll let the score remain the same here. Imtiaz seems to be sticking up for the Wii U here, but I’m a skeptical about the direction this is headed. He does seem to be headed in the ranty direction.

Imtiaz: 2
Nintendo: 0

Why do I bring up the Wii U? Well, despite all these great points I have brought up about the Switch, one thing sticks out like a sore thumb. There has been a lack of clear detail regarding whether it will be backwards compatible with Wii U titles on the Switch. Reggie recently addressed this in a vague comment. To summarize what he said, Nintendo understands that their fans have spent quite a bit of hard earned dollars on their vast library, whether it be Virtual Console or Wii U titles, and to stay tuned for more information to come. Why does this bother me? This comment although vague, leads me to believe that if there is backwards compatibility, it won’t be as simple as using your existing digital library on the Switch. If the Switch could play digital Wii U games, then why hasn’t Nintendo simply said that it can? Probably because they will elect to bring it to us in the form of some paid service maybe? Or maybe through virtual console? Or worse yet, not at all, which I do highly doubt.

I see, Imtiaz has unveiled his hand, and in a pretty negative way here. He’s trashing Nintendo’s mishandling of peoples existing digital Wii U libary well before the Switch is out. Not sure what he’s getting at here, but he is starting to throw around some blunt accusations. I think I’m going to award a point to Nintendo.

Imtiaz: 2
Nintendo: 1

Despite the Wii U being commercially a huge failure, it does have games I really enjoy and still play. I’m still on my ways to finish Xenoblade Chronicles X, and my brother and I are endlessly trying to get the better hand on each other in Smash 4. At some point I’ll re-visit games like Bayonetta 2 to try my hand at the harder difficulties. I also hear the calls of Wind Waker HD over the distant seas. All the games I have except 2 are digital downloaded games. I love the ease of getting games online and not having to swap out discs and needing to store the games on a nice presentable way, it’s just so darn convenient. Also a big reason I go digital is in a way future proof my library. I would expect if my games are digital, then I can carry them over to next iterations of the console seamlessly. I’m really hoping given that you could play GameCube games on the Wii, Wii games on the Wii U, GB games on the GBA, GBA games on the DS and DS games on the 3Ds, that we would be given some ability for backwards compatibility for the Nintendo Switch to play Wii U with my existing Wii U library.

Imtiaz is making a bit more sense here. I can sympathize with his desire to have a unified console that plays all generations of games. Sadly, this doesn’t commonly exist, and something Imtiaz is not considering, it’s probably extremely hard to make all titles run on all platforms. No change to the score until Imtiaz reveals his true intentions.

Imtiaz: 2
Nintendo: 1

If Nintendo elects to only allow Wii U titles to be played on the Switch by forcing their fans to dish out more money, this would be a huge slap in the face to the dedicated fans who did support the Wii U through it’s short life and tried to spread the little glory the console may have had. How is Nintendo rewarding these people? Am I expected to spend another $70 on Smash 4 if it ever gets ported to the Wii U? Am I to buy these games on Virtual Console? Or do I have to subscribe to an online service to play these games? I don’t know yet, and the fact that Nintendo hasn’t simply said yes it’s backwards compatible, it leads me to believe we would have to dish out more money to play Wii U games we already own. Given Nintendo’s track record, especially in their dealings with Angry Joe and his Mario Party videos and how Nintendo went after him, I feel like they will want to milk more money from the Wii U titles. I thought Angry Joe said it best. When Nintendo went after him, he was for lack of better words, angry and did not want to support Nintendo anymore. He had every right to be angry, it wasn’t enough that he bought the Wii U, bought the games for it, bought several Pro controllers, and praised the games on it to an audience who generally doesn’t give a damn about the console. Nintendo wanted that money.

Well, I think Imtiaz has shown his true colours here, and I’m a bit unimpressed. He seems to have this sense of entitlement about what he should get because Nintendo is releasing a new console. He keeps running through all these hypthecical scenarios of how this could play out, again without considering how difficult something like this would be to implement. Games from one platform don’t magically work on other platforms, they require effort, and hence, money.

Imtiaz thinks just because he bought some games and DLC on the Wii U, that he should be entitled to free stuff on the Switch. I think it’s a no brainer to give a point to Nintendo for this one. Imtiaz is coming off a bit mean and, had a typo saying if Smash 4 would ever come to the Wii U, and is ranting a bit too much for my liking.

Imtiaz: 2
Nintendo: 2

Wow, it’s a tie! Well, we got one more paragraph to conclue this whole mess. Let’s so who will come out on top.

I really want to like the Switch, again it’s like a dream console for me. If Nintendo starts rolling out more announced games like a new Smash Brothers game, and man oh man would I love another Metroid game, I may be more inclined to consider it more in the future and maybe get it much later on in it’s life cycle. But for the time being I can’t help but have mixed feelings about it because of the lack of details on backwards compatibility. If I have to spend a single penny to be able to play these games I have already sunk so much money into, Nintendo will lose me as a loyal fan.

Well, I think this sums it up pretty good. Given Imtiaz is eagerly waiting a Smash 4 port and is ready to spend money on it, I think he clearly contradicts himself here. To go as far as saying Nintendo will lose him as a loyal fan before even giving them a chance to redeem themselves was pretty short sited.

I can understand, given how the Wii U went, it’s hard not to feel skeptical and disappointed as a Nintendo fan, but Imtiaz should have really been a bit more patient with them. Because he has truly eaten his words and he can’t get enough of his Switch!

I think for this miserable and short sited conclusion by Imtiaz, it’s only fair to award Nintendo, not one… not two… but three points!

Imtiaz: 2
Nintendo: 5

And there you have it. Nintendo wins with a landslide victory and has truly made Imtiaz eat his words from his first blog post a year ago. Imtiaz started this out positive, but seemed let his anger and frustration towards Nintendo get the better of him. Oh Imtiaz… you should know by now that anger leads to the dark side…

Well, I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past. Do you think Nintendo made Imtiaz eat his words? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary! My First Post Revisited

    1. Thanks really appreciate the kind words 🙂

      Yea getting into a groove and routine is super important. Thankfully I felt I was able to hit that pretty quick, but of course had to re-evaluate things recently.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Happy Blogiversary my friend!!! I can’t believe it’s ONLY been one year. I seriously have thought that I’ve known you for so much longer. This was a great post, and I love how you broke down your first one. (for that matter, it’s hard to believe that presentation was a year ago!) Keep up the awesome work going into Year 2 man!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Appreciate the kind words..I’ve said it before but you and your blog and YouTube channel are high sources of income at noon and ideas. Bring on year 2!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, you got around to it – nice!! 🙂

    Love how you went through your first post (which I remember reading BTW – can’t believe it’s been a year already? WTF!) and showed your change of heart / pwnage by Nintendo lol. Honestly, I think it surprised all of us. Coming off the WiiU we all had a sour taste in our mouth, especially when presented with some hybrid device that couldn’t _possibly_ replace the 3DS. A welcome surprise, however.

    One of my first posts was about how I was sick of the gimmicks from Nintendo (from 2015 IIRC) and here we are, with a detachable controller portable hybrid thing playing DOOM on our TVs. Like it doesn’t even make any sense. Shows you how the gaming industry moves in mysterious ways.

    Anyway, happy blogiversary my man and always looking forward to your next post. You’ve got quite the year ahead of you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks man!

      It was hard not to be bitter after the Wii U, despite having some great games.

      Funny about the Switch though. I wouldn’t consider it’s core features gimmicky at all. I’d consider it the next stage of evolution of gaming. Detachable controller s actually seem practical. Only thing I’d consider a gimmick would be the he rumble, but that’s mildly used and never really rubbed in our face.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, totally, portability isn’t a gimmick. It’s a feature, and a brilliant one at that. We enjoy all our media from anywhere, yet with gaming that seems like totally not a priority at all. Doesn’t make any sense to me. The average gamer is 31, and 31 year olds don’t typically have hours a day to sit on a couch.

        Nintendo saw this huge opportunity and knocked it out of the park – good for them!


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