They Call Me… The Rainmaker!

Well, not really, but that’s the line that played through my head with an epic, menacing demeanor over the past few days. I’ve had quite a bit of fun dipping into other titles from my library since I decided to lay off from reviews for a bit. One of the titles that I’ve had fun revisiting is none other than Splatoon 2. It was one of my top games from last year, but I didn’t get to play it as much as I’d liked. This weekend though, I took the time to get back into the thick of things. Instead of my usual outing of Turf Wars, I decided to get back into the ranked modes. That’s where I started to get into the many great modes, and come to love the one mode that initially scared me, which was the Rainmaker!

Up until now, Turf War was my go to mode

I unlocked Splatoon 2’s ranked modes a while back and dabbled a bit into it. Tower Control and Splat Zones came to me quite naturally. In Splat Zones, you cover two designated areas with your teams ink and hold control for as long as possible. In Tower Control, you simply touch a tower to have it go through check points and eventually reach a goal. These were pretty straight forward and I managed to get a hang of them pretty quickly.

However, when the modes rotated and Rainmaker came up, suddenly the tables turned. This mode seemed so much more confusing to me, and at first, I couldn’t figure out what to do or how to use the illustrious Rainmaker. It seemed whenever I grabbed it, I’d be splatted right away, and the way the teams went back and forth, it was tough to keep track of what was going on. I felt quite clueless to say the least.

However this weekend, as I plunged deeper into ranked modes and was determined to continue at it, Rainmaker once again made it’s appearance. I pressed on though, determined the learn the nuances of the mode. Surprisingly, I was able to finally get the hang of this mode simply by following and observing my team mates. Before you knew it, I was sneaking around with my devastating Octobrush, getting in stealth kills to assist my team mates carrying the rainmaker. I even discovered those damned cone type things at each end of the stages were the goals. Bringing the Rainmaker there got your team and instant win. This may seem like an important thing to miss initially, but the tutorials went by so fast when I unlocked this mode…

Although it’s not the main objective, racking up kills still feels great

I was racking up kills quite easily and it felt damn good. I know kills aren’t the main thing in Splatoon 2, but it’s hard to not feel that it helps my team out as I’m taking out other squid kids trying to harass our Rainmaker carrier. However, I was pretty hesitant about grabbing the Rainmaker for myself. I’d blast away at it when it was dropped, and once it was available for grabs, I elected to let my team mates carry the torch.

Although I wasn’t going for the glory of single handedly winning the match for my team, I still felt good because in one way or another, I felt like I was always contributing to my teams success. It once again felt great seeing my team mate pick up the Rainmaker, be able to recognize the situation and give them the cover they needed. As they approach the goal, take out any threats behind them and help paint their way to the finish.

Doing what I did above was awesome, because not only did I help in a way, but I was able to witness the victory up close. Things like this made me feel it was okay to step back and let my team mates take the glory. That was until this upcoming moment. I saw my team get possession of the Rainmaker, and I quickly super jumped into the fray. As I arrived, the enemy took out our carrier just a mere few feet away from the goal. At this point, we were too close for me to chicken out and let someone else take the Rainmaker. A split second of hesitation here could see the enemy gain possession of the Rainmaker and have that opportunity go to waste. So I decided to step up and take charge, and well, I’ll let the video speak for itself.

I was able to quickly nab the Rainmaker and take it in for the win. This felt soooo good you have no idea. I laughed to myself in joy at the sheer thought that I was able to do this. Well, it doesn’t end there. I was on such a roll at this point, I had to keep going forward. I wanted to see what else I could muster up. I started slowly picking up the Rainmaker further and further away from the goal. Even if I couldn’t take it in all the way, I now understood I could help my team and move it up in small increments. Also, preventing the other team from getting the Rainmaker is pretty key.

Furthermore, painting a path ahead of you with the Rainmaker is crucial to quickly advancing and driving it closer to the enemy goal. I quickly learned to use the Rainmaker to not only take out enemies ahead of me, but to also splat ink so I could advance faster. Needless to say, I grabbed the Rainmaker from just before the halfway point. My team instantly flocked toward my position and seemingly cheered me on to drive it home for the win. I fired over and over again painting the way ahead while going in and out of squid mode to quickly make progress. My team provided excellent cover as they took out numerous enemies on the way to the goal. One last look at my destination, I fired one final shot to paint my way all the way to the finish, and…

This was easily my defining moment in the Rainmaker. I felt like I just did a break away goal with open ice ahead of me. I felt like I just dunked the ball over monstrous seven footers. I felt like I nailed the Stone Cold Stunner and got the three count. I can keep going on with the sports analogies, but as I’ve constantly been saying up until now, this felt great!

So in a mere two days, I went from fearing the Rainmaker mode to absolutely adoring it. This really helped build my confidence in the mode and really see some results as I made it to a B- ranking shortly after. The best part about it, this is just the tip of the ice berg. There’s still the Clam Blitz mode which I’ve yet to take part in, and I can only imagine what League Mode will bring.

Again, this cements one of my favourite things about Splatoon 2. I wrote about it here when the game launched. Splatoon 2 does such a great job of easing players into some pretty competitive modes. Whether you are simply providing cover for your team, or daring to take control of the match, there always seems to be a way to help your team win and make you feel valuable.

How do you like Splatoon 2’s ranked modes? Have you had some fun from the Rainmaker mode? Let’s get chattin’ in the comments!

5 thoughts on “They Call Me… The Rainmaker!

  1. I need to play some more Splatoon 2, but I had a similarly excellent experience with an early Rainmaker match. It was getting passed back and forth a whole bunch… but finally, eventually, I managed to get hold of it and have a straight shot to the finish line.

    I never feel like I’m able to contribute massively in more large-scale multiplayer shooters, but here I was the one who scored the decisive victory for our team. It was a great feeling!

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    1. Yes exactly! That’s the same way I feel about the big massive multiplayer shooters. Star Wars Battlefront comes to mind right away of how it never eased me into things. No matter what I did, I always did poorly and I don’t consider myself bad at games.

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