Episode 1 – One Year With The Nintendo Switch

At long last. After a long all nighter of editing, I finally have my debut episode of my podcast up. I discuss some news, go in depth on the Nintendo Direct from March 8th. I also talk about the Nintendo Switch turning 1 year old and go through my top games for the Switch.

Let me know your thoughts and I hope you enjoy!

Note: I apologize, however I appear to have lost snippets of audio. During the Nintendo Direct piece, talks about Hyrule Warriors was lost. Also during my top 10 Nintendo Switch Games, the audio where I talk about Super Mario Odyssey and Skyrim were also lost.

23 thoughts on “Episode 1 – One Year With The Nintendo Switch

  1. Really nice sound quality, dude! Can I ask which mic you’re using and what sort of space you’re recording in? Congratulations on launching the podcast, and also congratulations on the impending baby! I’ll be listening to this in pieces at a time.

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    1. thanks for the kind words 😀 and thanks for checking this out

      i’m using an SM58 microphone. I’m not sure if this is a typical mic people would use in the world of podcasting, but in the world of rock n roll, it’s pretty much a go to mic. I borrowed it from my singer and it clearly works pretty well. I am recording in my basement, nothing special about the setup. There’s junk and stuff all over and the basement is unfinished. I just made extra sure things were quiet. Turning off the furnace etc. Only thing about this mic is it does pick up noise around it. My water heater ended up going off near the start and that came up a bit on the recording. Also, I find this mic works best the closer you are to it. Near the end I tended to back off after talking for so long that I think my voice volume gradually lowers until the end.

      It’s a good mic, but I think there are probably better suited ones for podcasting, so I’ll definitely continue to do my research on this.

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      1. You’re already off to a great start! I haven’t heard of SM58 and I’m using a Blue Yeti. I read the same day I bought it that it was good for podcasting haha but I’d say you’ve already found a winner.

        I picked up listening to your cast that I need to back off and set the mic further from my face. I think my vocals pick up too loud. I never had any experience with audio editing so I’m trying to learn everything I can! Thanks for sharing your details with me!

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      2. Yea, forgot to mention it’s a Shure SM58, totally forgot to give the brand. There is definitely that sweet spot. I can be too close and certain words pop and come out louder and clip slightly. Any thing I say starting with P does this, because I guess P is a very Powerful letter.

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      3. Nah just YouTube right now. I definitely needed to stretch my legs and learn the hard way with some form of audio production. We’ve been talking about a group mage podcast for some time now but that’s an eventuality. Thanks again for sharing the info and for asking!

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    1. Hey very happy you are interested 🙂

      I just submitted the feed to apple, so they’ll eventually review it and add it if all goes well. Hopefully it will only be a few days.

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    1. That would be awesome! I’ll definitely hit you up once I get into a nice groove.

      Your stuff on counter attack games was definitely a source of inspiration for this.

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      1. Thanks man, I’m slowly racking up a nice list of awesome guests 😀 would love to have you on one day once I get more settled into the process.

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  2. Great podcast. Honestly, one of the only ones that I’ve sat through the entirety. I love the sound quality and the way you cover topics.

    Looking forward to more!

    As said above too, if you ever need another brain, feel free to pick mine. I like doing brain things.

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    1. Thanks man! That means alot 😀

      Once I’m in a nice groove and can iron out the kinks of my recording process, I’ll definitely hit you up. It would be cool to have guests to make the discussions that much better.

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