Episode 2 – Do Video Games Cause Violence?

Episode 2 s live now, how quickly time has flown since the debit of the podcast. On this episode, we discuss the Nindies Spring Showcase for 2018. I go over some fun games I’m playing including Skyrim and Tesla vs Lovecraft. Lastly, we close this episode by answering The Well Red Mage’s big question, do video games cause violence?

Update: Thought it would be helpful to add, you can download the podcast from Apple Podcasts if you want to take it on the go. I’m in the process of finding out what services feed from Apple’s Podcast system, however, if there’s a service you use and would like to see it there, let me know and I can definitely look into it.

2 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Do Video Games Cause Violence?

  1. Do video games cause violence? No. It’s funny because I wrote about this same subject a few weeks ago. Blaming video games for the violence that these people commit makes no sense to me. There are violent movies and they’ve been around a lot longer than video games. So that must mean that movies cause violence too right? That sounded dumb right? It would take way too long for me to give a proper opinion on the subject so I’ll leave it at that :).

    That update for the Switch did nothing for me. I want some Netflix to go with Hulu and still don’t have it :(. I’m forced to switch to my Wii U if I want to watch Netflix.

    Sony needs to get off their high horse and let gamers from both consoles play together. The general opinion from gamers that I know (and I read on Twitter/FB) is that they really want cross play. What if your friend plays a game you want to play on Xbox? Well you’re out luck because Sony is anti consumer these days.

    I’m still listening to the podcast so I’ll comment again after I’m done :).

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