To Port Or Not To Port? That is the question…

Hello everyone! I’ve had a topic on my mind for sometime around the subject of games being ported to newer platforms. I certainly have my own opinions that’s changed over time, and really falls into a grey area.

This initially got triggered from the last Nintendo Direct, which showed off alot of ports coming to the Switch. As I took to twitter, I noticed alot of opinions about this, and many people were cool with seeing games ported over, while others were not.

Alot questions come to mind regarding game companies porting older games. What would you rather have them do instead if you’re not okay with it? Do you want to see more new games instead? Do you think it’s a cash grab, or necessary for those who have never played certain games? These things could change from game to game.

Of course I wouldn’t be posting about this unless I was really curious what you all thought of the subject. So I ask you…

What are your thoughts of older games constantly being ported to newer platforms?

Drop a line in the comments with your thoughts about the subject!

5 thoughts on “To Port Or Not To Port? That is the question…

  1. There was one day in which I supported console-exclusive games because I felt the competition promoted creativity, but now I think we’re to the point where they’re more of a hinderance than a help. As it stands, AAA gaming became complacent, and the current model doesn’t seem to encourage them to take risks, meaning buying all the consoles is a large investment for too little gain. Indeed, I got a PlayStation 3, but none of its exclusive games were enough for me to say that it was worth the price of admission for them alone. Even better, my favorite games I played on that console were Persona 4 (a PS2 game), Metal Gear Solid 3 (another PS2 game, which was eventually ported to the Xbox 360 as well), and Dark Souls (a cross-platform game).

    As such, I don’t mind the overdose of ports as long as they’re competently handled. Given that not everyone can afford to get every console, it’s a great way to let people catch up on classics they may have missed out on.

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    1. I totally share your sentiment on console exclusives. It does feel like we’re at a point where there is indeed little to game from hunting down a platform for exclusive titles. And yes trying to get all consoles for all games is too heavy of an investment and another thing, I went through that last gen having Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 and one of those went highly underplayed. Hard to find time for all of them.

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  2. I’ll admit I’m completely fickle when it comes to ports. If it’s an old title I really enjoyed and would love to play again, I’m happy; but otherwise I’d rather see new ideas from game companies. Gamer problems!

    Totally agree with Red Metal above on exclusives though. As my own opinion is so completely fluctuating, I’m curious to read everyone else’s views…

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