May The 4th Be With You… Always

Hi Everyone!

Today is a special day being May the 4th, celebrating all the is Star Wars. Whether you are a fan of the original trilogy, the prequels, the new films, or just about all of them, it’s a day to get together to celebrate the sci-fi fantasy that captured hearts all around the world.

A Long time ago in a living room far far away… I can still remember as a child, my dad randomly bringing home a VHS rental of Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope. He basically told me this film was a big deal back in his day before I was born. My dad wasn’t a fan of the movies, and he often fell asleep through them, but I guess he had a knack for what I may like and thought it would be good for me to see it.

Well, I’m glad he did, because as I sat literally a few meager feet from the television screen, biting my nails and wondering if Luke would make it out of the Death Star trench run alive, I realized at that moment this movie was something special, and it’s stuck with me ever since. It was one of the first movies as a child that taught me about loss, having the good guys not be so on top for a change. Seeing the rebel attack force reduced from 30 strong fighters to a mere three ships as they retreat from the exploding Death Star was such an eye opener that no ones really safe.

I got obsessed with cockpit POVs because of Star Wars…

Regardless, I’ve always come back to Star Wars, whether it’s watching the films on numerous occasions, or enjoying some of my favourite videogames ever. The space ships were some of my favourite things about it, and dog fighting in games like Star Wars Tie Fighter almost felt like a dream come true. It goes without saying, although I did a bad job of keeping track of them, I mustered up a decent collection of some ships back in my childhood. Some fun I had below with my DSLR and a couple of ships I had.

Today is a day to celebrate Star Wars, and that being the case, I reckon some of you are probably setting aside time to do something Star Wars, whether it be watching a film, or all of them, or playing a game even. I’m still not sure what film I’ll be putting up on the big screen tonight, I’m heavily leaning towards The Empire Strikes Back, but I’d love to hear from you all, how will you be celebrating Star Wars day?

Head on over to the comments, and let’s use holographic projections of ourselves and talk about how you’ll be celebrating this special day! It also goes without without saying, may the force be with you… always…

6 thoughts on “May The 4th Be With You… Always

  1. I will be celebrating Star Wars day by posting a review of a Star Wars game I played as a kid. I was originally going to start this month reviewing the next Ace Attorney game in line, but then I realized this day was approaching, so I quickly changed plans.

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      1. aaaah classic! I think I played it when I was older and remembering the game may not have aged well. But when it came out there was no star wars experience like it


    1. Sounds like fun, my work did something but sadly I had plans to work from home today 😦 given how my work goes I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to get out of meetings to join the movie watching

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