Let’s Get Physical!

No, this post isn’t about the super catchy Olivia Newton-John song.

It’s actually about a recent change of heart I’ve gone through about how I collect my games. It all started with me building my shelf for my Blu-ray and DVD collection in my basement. I’ve had my DVDs and Blu-rays in garbage bags for the past while, but took the neccessary steps to get a pretty kick ass shelf for storing digital media. Believe it or not, finding a shelf meant for DVD and Blu-ray cases is much harder to find than you’d believe as most shelves are way too deep. Makes sense given the popularity of digital downloads and streaming services these days.


I still have some work to do in terms of what movies go where, but so far I’ve kind of kept my favourites or stuff I’m most proud of near the top. Filling this up not only with movies, but many of my old games made me go through something with regards to my video games. I looked through case after case, seeing things like Mass Effect, Metroid Prime 1 through 3, The Wind Waker and many more. It really made me realize how switching to digital only games made me miss out.

Whatever do I mean by that? Well, take my Wii U and 3DS collection for example. I purchased some physical games at first, but after discovering what the eShop could do, I started going pure digital for the sheer convenience of it all. I downloaded games like Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Super Smash Bros Wii U, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and many more. Moving on from those systems into the “new generation” with the Switch, I now realize I don’t really have anything to show for those systems.


There is no collection for me to go through to remember or show people and reminisce about games that brought me such enjoyment. They are all now lost in the void under my nintendo account only on those systems. I can’t display them, or add them to any collection. Once those consoles are packed up out of my rotation to go on display or whatever, they are essentially lost. Without backwards compatibility now, this couldn’t be any truer.

It really makes me hurt now, and even for the Switch. Breath of the Wild has become one of my favourite games of all time. I had a nice sweet looking physical copy on Wii U, which I sold in favour of buying it digitally for the Switch. I now kick myself for not getting it physical on the Switch, because once again, I feel like I have nothing to show for it, being one of my favourite games ever.

It’s now made me kind of go full on physical again. Since then, I’ve purchased games like God of War, Doom, Wolfenstein 2 and more. I’ve even done the same for my movies. At one point I was almost going to try to digitize my entire movie collection and sell off the physical copies, but I’m glad I didn’t do this. There’s something about doing something like a movie night and grabbing your movie of choice. Not to mention , it’s alot of work undertaking such a project.

At first, a big initiative that got me commited down this path was wanting to rewatch Game of Thrones, and collect all the seasons while I was at it. So far, I have seasons 1 through 3, and I love having these on Blu ray. There’s some cool packaging and the art work is very neat, especially for season 3. At first my wife thought I was crazy, but now that she has witnessed this collection slowly grow, she now understands and thinks it’s worth it for something as dear to us as Game of Thrones.


Part of me wishes I could go back in time and redo some decisions I made and buy certain games physical. Alas, one has to move on and look to the future. The exciting bit is now I have an awesome shelf to fill with all sorts of physical goodness. It’s not to say I’m off digital games totally however. There will always be certain games that will only come out digital, or in some cases, be better suited for digital play. Like a quick pick up and play game like Rocket League for example.

Are you a collector of soon to be relics? Or a digital horder? Make your confession in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical!

  1. I’ve got a lot of digital PC games, but there isn’t really any other option on that platform any more, outside of Kickstarter projects or niche releases like visual novels. On consoles, I’ve never been big on digital for exactly the reasons you describe here: I like having “something to show” for my time with a particular platform. Hell, I just plain enjoy collecting, full stop.

    Even for modern consoles, I’ll still collect physical versions, and limited editions for stuff I REALLY like from my favourite developers. And I have a good library of stuff for previous generation computers and consoles too, right back to the 8-bit home computer era, though my collection in earnest really starts at PS1.

    At the time of writing, I have just over a thousand games for 24 different platforms, and no intention of getting rid of any of it at any point! I’ve even given up trading stuff in; too many times I traded something in for a bit of store credit, only to feel like booting it up again a few years later and discovering it has inflated astronomically in price!

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    1. Wow that’s certainly alot of games. Trading them in for me is never worth it, because the big stores give you chump change for games that are really worth alot. I personally find their trade in programs quite bogus and a rip off.

      You’re right about PC and it being a tough platform to do this on. Back in the day though, it was probably the best platform to get physical games because of the massive huge boxes. I did get ME Andromeda for PC physical, but it was just a case with a code inside. Counts for something I suppose.


  2. I’ve always loved collecting physical copies of games and watching them pile up on my shelf. I sold my old SNES and N64 when I was a kid and still regret it (I’ve got new systems now but still missing some of the cool games I had). I’m resisting the dawn of the mostly digital age for as long as I can, haha.

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    1. It’s hard to get over getting rid of the oldies for sure. I always thought the convenience of digital was a game changer, but going physical, i’m perfectly fine grabbing discs or cartridges for whatever i’m playing. Truth is I don’t switch between games so sporadically that it works out. In a way it actually keeps me focused on a game vs constantly switching between a bunch at the click of a button. Maybe i’ll finish more games this way.

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