Are Movies Doing It Right? + Giveaway

Over the past while, I’ve started growing my Blu-ray collection. Back in the day, you bought a Blu-ray and that was it. What I’m noticing now, much to my surprise, is Blu-rays are often packed in these combo releases. Meaning, you don’t just get the Blu-ray, but possibly the DVD copy or even a digital code to redeem.

I have to say, I quite like this. Although I’ve recently gone crazy with physical media vs downloading them digitally, I love having the option of redeeming movies or tv shows on a streaming service to view whenever. I could see many benefits to this, say, I lost my physical copy, or the disc broke, or I was away on a work trip, or worst of all… my PS4 spontaneously combusted while the disc was inside!


Many of the titles I have bought over the past year allow me to do this, from Game of Thrones seasons 1 through 3, John Wick Chapters 1 and 2, and the Last Jedi. Hell, I even dug up my copy of The Force Awakens which I got 2 years ago, and was still able to redeem that code! A few of these listed codes with expired dates, but they still worked.

It’s not perfect however. As you know, there are several streaming platforms, so codes can be scattered across a few. Regardless, it’s still a nice option, and for US customers, there seems to be some services that unify all this, like Movies Anywhere. Hoping one day us Canadians could get this.


But I’m not just talking about this because it’s a cool thing to have and brag about. Being a gaming blog, I want to naturally compare this to the state of gaming. So as it stands, if you buy certain Blu-rays, you get digital codes and maybe more. Keep in mind this also adds some of the special features found on your disc. These movies I bought were at most $35 Canadian, for things like the special packaging for Game of Thrones. Star Wars gave me codes for day 1 purchase and those were $25.

In gaming, you buy a brand new game for $80 Canadian, and you get the disc, or just the code, but not both. Why is this? I’m sure the ones calling the shots are worried about things like piracy or people redeeming the codes but selling the physical copies second hand, killing overall sales. I can see that, but could it really make that much of a difference?

Furthermore, you pay much more for a single game than you do for most movies or TV shows, yet you kind of get less if you focus on the ways you can access that content. There could be many reasons for this, and one could be because the cost of making games has skyrocketed. Who knows?

The only company I’ve noticed who did anything remotely close to this was Blizzard. I Bought Warcraft 3 back in the day, and at some point, I was able to take the CD key and redeem them for digital copies. This same rule applies to Diablo 2 and the Starcraft. This is unheard of considering how old these games are. Talk about thinking ahead!

But why don’t other game companies do this? Especially now, things couldn’t better suited for such a thing than it is now. It makes me wonder, because when it comes to movies and TV shows, I’ve always thought as those industries being more, should we say, stingy? Consider Netflix. You use it in Canada, and you’re automatically blocked off from tons of US content. So things like this considered, I’m surprised, movies and TV shows of all things give away so much when buying physical, considering how protective some studios appear to be.

I think it’s great though, because it’s like a little special something for those who go out of their way to get physical media. Again it would be nice to see if gaming ever did something like this. As I said, I can see pros and cons for this, and there would be surely people who’d take advantage of it, but could they realistically hurt gaming companies top line revenue by redeeming digital codes and circulating physical copies in the second hand market? I’d be surprised if it did, and I think a gesture like would only make gamers happier.

What do you think? Do you think physical games should come with the digital copy included? Could you justify reasons why game studios might not do this? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


So since we are on the topic of digital codes coming with Blu-rays, it so happens I obtained a code that I am unable to redeem. You see, I live in Canada, but I ordered this John Wick Chapters 1 & 2 set from the UK. I went for this because I love the packaging compared to the ones here. And the Canadian packaging is bilingual which I think just looks messy. Too many words…

So I can’t redeem these codes, so I’m putting them up for grabs. Only requirement is you need to be in a region that allows you to redeem these codes, either the UK or ROI (Republic of Ireland). I will of course trust your word, so to enter for the giveaway, all you need to do is follow this blog and comment in this post, the town or city you live in, and your favourite scene from either movie. If you haven’t seen the movies, then just let me know what you look forward to the most from each.


You’ll be entered to win the codes above. You can check my twitter for details if you like and get a double entry to increase your chances of winning! Check me out @powerbombattack.

6 thoughts on “Are Movies Doing It Right? + Giveaway

    1. Yes alot of the companies seem to be pushing hard for digital only. I would not like it if that happened despite it’s convenience. Unless future state has all platforms work with all digital games, like xbox one and steam do it.


  1. This is definitely a hot topic for me as I love watching stuff on my phone (I commute a lot). I actually geeked out the day Netflix finally introduced offline downloads. But I also love seeing films at home on a big TV with my wife, so having the disc is a necessity… for now at least.

    Sometimes I buy a film twice – for my phone and the actual Blu-Ray. But I only do this for films I absolutely love. And of course… I feel like I shouldn’t have to. Buying it once should allow me to watch it where I want.

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