F*** The Backlog!

Once upon a time… oh who am I kidding, that was last year. I wrote a little piece about my backlog and how I was going to finish every game on it. I was going to conquer each of the games that had eluded me, or lost my interest. I was going to be disciplined and only play those games, and not buy new games. I wouldn’t get seduced by the likes of Steam sales.

After all that, I have to say, I’m pretty tired of being disciplined…

Video games are supposed to be a form of entertainment for me. Not a workout regime that I must adhere to strictly in order to see progress. That’s pretty much what it ended up becoming for me. Stopping myself from playing some new games I probably should not have skipped out on, and really forcing myself to play games I bought that I probably never played, or stopped playing for good reason.

Take Pokemon Moon for example. I bought it, played a bit, got kind of far, and then stopped. Found the game too easy and what not, so I moved on. I marked this as a game to come back to and it always loomed over my with many other games. Recently I came back to it, and once again, found myself a bit bored. It’s a fun game don’t get me wrong, but I still find it too easy and I don’t like forcing myself to play the 3DS right now when the Switch is everyones new hotness.

Don’t get me wrong, there will be a few games I come back to in my backlog that I did legitimately enjoy, but didn’t play for things other than the game getting boring. I am also glad I did force myself to get to certain games that ended up surprising me, like Mass Effect Andromeda. I almost wrote this game off and starting fresh was just the thing I needed.

Mass Effect™_ Andromeda 1_9_2018 9_33_18 PM

It’s like Geddy what at Nostalgia Trigger said, in a post way back about the very same topic. If you have too much on your plate, take something off. Move on and cut ties with games that really don’t have a place in your day to day routine. There is no need in forcing yourself to play a game just to say you played it. If you didn’t enjoy it, it is a waste of time.

I personally now prefer being a bit more free with what I’m playing and buying. A year of being so strict really started driving me nuts. I think I’ve had more fun doing it this way for a bit, and actually just knocked 2 games out of the park these past 2 days! I also don’t want to keep playing older games just to beat them, when I truly want to replay some of my favourite older games like Metroid Prime, which I pretty much never seem to do anymore.

It’s not to say I won’t practice any control at all. After all, those 80 hour open world games aren’t going to complete themselves. For things like that, it does help to kind of clear the way to make sure you don’t start and just stop part way through. Only to come back months later and not have any context of the story.

So my advice? Play whatever you want, whenever you want. In the end, this is a form of entertainment which doesn’t need so much structure, because it’s supposed to be, you know, fun?

Are you sick of your backlog? Ready to toss it in the garbage? Let’s rant about it in the comments!

14 thoughts on “F*** The Backlog!

  1. It’s funny you mentioned Metroid Prime and replaying it, I actually just got a ROM for it and was going to try replaying it on an emulator with HD graphics. I do miss replaying old games, and a pal of mine was asking about some old Gamecube games to play with his VR set, and I realized that I don’t replay _anything_ anymore. Always moving on to the next.

    BTW I went back and read your Feb 2017 backlog post and just skimming over that thing gave me a minor heart attack lol, it’s like you made a list of the longest games ever made!

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    1. Metroid prime in HD graphics… *Drools*

      Seriously Nintendo needs to get that trilogy on the switch.

      Yea it was no surprising my original list was what it was. Kept playing super long games and never had the time to finish most of them. I did complete Xenoblade Chronicles x since but really had to drag my heels ad the end game locks you into a really really really badly formatted grind.


  2. I didn’t give up on my backlog, but I stopped thinking of it as work and just played what I felt like playing. Pokemon Moon was harder than X&Y, but still easy if you compare it to the older titles. I’m convinced Lets Go will be a cake walk.

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    1. Yea I definitely want to keep them on the radar, again as you said, make it fun not work.

      I agree about Pokemon let’s go, definitely will be catered to the casual crowd I hope the inclusion of that means the next core game will be brutally hard.

      What I’d really like is if the game could match your opponents Pokemon for Pokemon. I hate running into random encounters and simply win because I out umber them 6 to 1.

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      1. I don’t like that we can’t fight gym leaders without having a Pokemon in our party that weakens them. That completely kills challenge runs. I love doing all ground type runs or fire types. Can’t do that if I’m forced to use a Water or grass type in a certain gym.

        I really doubt that the next Pokemon game will be hard. I don’t know why they just don’t add a hard mode or a “pro” mode that significantly increases the difficulty of the game. Make trainers smarter, have more then one or two Pokemon, etc. I would even randomize the gym leaders so you never know who you’re going to face until you get there.

        What I’m scared of is that if Pokemon Lets Go is a major success (it most likely will be) then they’ll make all future Pokemon games like it.

        I complete games in rotation. Once I finish one of the games I add in another one so that way I always have something to play. I’ve been doing pretty good so far. It’s helping with my backlog :).

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  3. Very much with you on this, but I’m going down the route of if I don’t have anything to play, I’ll at least try something from my backlog. If I don’t enjoy it, I’ll chalk it up as a loss and get rid of it. Who knows, maybe I’ll find something I love!

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  4. Yes! Definitely agree!

    When you start to track your backlog too much and force yourself to play games just to complete them it becomes less fun. I’ve found that my approach varies. I have a few games I consider to be in my backlog, but actually I should just draw a line under them and say I’m not going to finish them. I have other games that I do play very occasionally and have been doing so for years – I intend to finish them but am not putting any time pressures on myself to do so.

    At the end of the day, my attitude is I just play what I want when I want, or else I’ll end up not enjoying myself, and life is too short for that!

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